KWS device overview

This is a short overview of our devices … and you can download a device comparison as PDF.

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KWS device comparison

KWS device comparison – Version 43

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KWS Electronic AMA 310 Basic/Complete overview

AMA 310 Basic/Complete D3.0 TV analyzer

TV analyzer (combo measuring receiver) with 5.5″ TFT – Frequency range TV 5 to 1,214 MHz, SAT 910 to 2,150 MHz.

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KWS Electronic AMA.remote overview

AMA.remote – SNMP-Management PC Software.

Tuning memory, Channel table, Data Log Viewer, Remote control, Remote monitoring, Long-term recording of measured data.

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KWS Electronic product overview: VAROS Connect

VAROS Connect

Measurement technology rethought…Measuring device with separate operation handling for installation of all types of distribution networks.

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KWS Electronic VAROS 106 overview

VAROS 106/106 Optic
TV analyzer

Combo measuring receiver with 5.7″ color TFT – Frequency range of 5–2,150 MHz – for TV/FM/reverse channel 5–867 MHz – for SAT 910–2,150 MHz.

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KWS Electronic VAROS 107 and VAROS 107 Optic overview

VAROS 107/107 Optic
TV analyzer

CATV measuring receiver with 5.7″ color TFT – Frequency range of 5–867 MHz.

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KWS Electronic VAROS 109/109 Optic overview

VAROS 109/109 Optic
TV analyzer

Satellite meter with 5.7″ color TFT – Frequency range of 910–2,150 MHz.

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KWS Electronic product overview: KM 06

KM 06
Compact measuring device for installation and troubleshooting of coaxial distribution systems.

Combo measuring device for SAT, CATV and terrestrial. 7” high-resolution touch display, intuitive user guidance, also suitable for beginners.

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KWS Electronic AMA 310 UMS overview

AMA 310/UMS & VAROS 107
High-End Upstream-Measurement-System

19-inch version of AMA 310 with headend UMS module. This system combines the two KWS devices AMA 310/UMS and VAROS 107 into a high-end measuring system for the return path frequency range.

KWS Electronic HE 310 overview

HE 310 – Flexible High-End Monitoring-System for the Head-End

The headend unit HE 310 is an absolutely individually configurable 19-inch unit (3.5 U), which combines the functionality of the AMA 310/UMS with that of the classic AMA 310.

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KWS Electronic SW 024 overview

SW 024
24-fold switch

Cluster switch only in combination with AMA 310/UMS or HE 310.

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KWS Electronic X16/107 overview

Kronback X16/KWS & VAROS 107 Upstream-Monitoring-System

16-fold return channel analyzer 19″ – remote control and measured value display via field device VAROS 107.

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KWS Electronic X16 overview

Real time spectrum analyser

16-fold return channel analyzer 19″.

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