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Professional maintenance and care contribute significantly to the long-term preservation of the value of your equipment. It goes without saying that we will be pleased to provide you with competent and energetic support.

On this page you will find general FAQs on repairing all devices, specific information on KWS, SPAUN and INNO devices can be found on the corresponding sub-pages.

Organizational questions and answers about service / repair

You fill out our repair form and send the device to the KWS facility in Upper Bavaria (Tattenhausen, Raiffeisenstrasse 9, 83109 Grosskarolinenfeld, Germany). When the device arrives, we will locate the fault and draw up a cost estimate. After your approval, we carry out the repair and return the device to you.

As soon as your device arrives at our facility, you will receive a cost estimate no later than the next business day. After your approval—and if all parts are in stock—we evaluate a maximum of 48 hours for the repair. If a part is not in stock or other delays occur, we will of course inform you immediately.

If you can’t do without your device, you can make use of our device loan service—of course at preferential conditions. We will send you one of our devices and enclose a return slip for your unit. As soon as your repair, calibration or retrofit is completed, we will exchange the equipment again.

It is best to send it to us in the original packaging. If you no longer have it, try to pack the device as well as possible in a sturdy cardboard box. To ensure that your unit is properly insured for the transport, we can only use perfect packaging for the return. If the packaging is defective, we will replace it for the return shipment for a fee of € 15.

Aber natürlich: wir erstellen vor jeder Reparatur einen Kostenvoranschlag.

In order to be able to provide a fair and reliable cost estimate, the defect must be clearly identified. This already involves some work. If you do not agree with the cost estimate and the device is returned unrepaired, we charge a fee of € 98.

We will contact you and you will get your device back. Or we will dispose of it for you. Either way, it’s free.

Your device or manufacturer was not included? Then you should not lose hope. Thanks to our knowledge as an electronics manufacturer with its own development, we may still be able to help you. Just talk to our technicians! Together we will see how we can help you. After all, we pride ourselves on our maintenance and service competence.

You can reach our specialists by calling

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