KWS Data Log Joiner

This program joins measurement series—which were generated using data logger—together to form a single large table. To be more precise, it copies the results of the individual measurement series together in a separate table and saves them.


  • After clicking the “Add files” button a dialogue opens that lets you select one or more files. Here you can choose the data logger files (.xml) that are to be combined into one table.

  • The selected files are added by clicking OK. You can repeat this step as often as necessary, for example when files are in different folders.

  • After clicking “Empty list” all files are removed from the list and you can select new files.

  • The “Save as” button is used to select the path and file name under which the newly created table is to be saved.

  • The extension .xml is automatically appended to the file name if you have not entered it yourself.

  • The process is started by pressing the “Start” button. A message appears upon completion.

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Data Log Joiner

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Download zip archive now

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