24-fold switch

SW 024

The cluster switch SW 024 can be used to switch up to 24 HF upstream signals. Thus, for example, a measured ingress interferer can be clearly assigned to the cluster from which it comes. This greatly simplifies the search for the source of interference in the upstream frequency range.

Furthermore, a BK signal up to 1,218 MHz can be connected to the DS-IN input on the front of the device (e.g. output signal of the head end). This means that the HF switch SW 024 can also switch between upstream and downstream measurements.

The measurement system automatically ensures that a VAROS 107 field device also displays the spectrum or the measurement results from the switch input to which it is physically connected.

In addition to the selective measurement mode, the sum signal of all 24 HF inputs can also be formed internally and spectrally monitored.

The RF switch SW 024 is a hardware option for our AMA 310/UMS or the HE 310.


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