Cabling systems

Trunk cable solutions

Trunk cable solutions as pre-assembled systems in modern and modular cassette technology are available with LC / SC or 6 × RJ45 ports. All copper or optic fiber cassettes fit into one and the same 19″ panel.

Optical fiber cassettes

Pre-assembled optical fiber cassettes in modular plug-in technology for single mode and multimode networks. The cassettes each have two connection options at the front and rear:

  • Front: LCdx or SCdx

  • Rear: MPO / MTP® coupling or cable entry with pre-assembled 12-way fiber optic cable.

The capacity per cassette corresponds to 12 fibres at LCdx and SCdx, i.e. a maximum occupancy of 96 fibers per height unit using state-of-the-art plug & play technology.

Cat.6A cassettes

Pre-assembled Cat.6A cassettes with 6 × RJ45 ports for highly effictive and very fast network installation, e.g. in data centers. The use of a trunk cable considerably reduces the fire load and the weight per line.

For all permanent link applications of the Class EA 500 MHz for voice, image, data and multimedia applications (ISO / IEC 11801 amendment 2 for 10 GBASE-T according to IEEE 802.3an).

Special design for easily bendable and flexible trunk cables—e.g. Cat.7 S / FTP—AWG26 / 1 with small diameter (14 mm).

The Cat.6A cassettes and the trunk cable can either be purchased pre-assembled or the individual components can be assembled on site with an LSA application tool.


A complete range is available for all MPO/MTP® connections with all versions of pre-assembled trunk cables, patch cables, breakout and fanout connectors and the corresponding modular cassette technology for 19″ panels.

Cable dividers

As cable dividers there are directly assembled high-fibre loose tube cables with divider variants with up to 144 fibres.