Copper connectivity

Since 1986, TKM has become the leading manufacturer of integrated fiber and copper cabling solutions. Years of experience in worldwide projects in the field of structured cabling have resulted in an expertise that exceeds today’s expectations for high quality passive network technology.

TKM combines the finest engineering skills with a thorough understanding of customer requirements and challenges. Today, TKM is not only a manufacturer, but also a competent service provider that creates real and tangible added value with its high quality products. A philosophy that TKM shares with KWS.

Here is an overview of the copper connectivity product range:

CAT 8 / Class EA I Permanent link—STP / On-site components:

  • HC installation cables

  • CCM copper connection modules

  • and PC patch cables.

CAT 6A / Class EA Permanent link—STP / On-site components:

  • HC installation cables

  • CCM keystone modules

  • CCM copper connection modules

  • SL / single link and ML / multilink products

  • and PC patch cables.

CAT 6 / Class E Permanent link—STP / UTP / On-site components:

  • HC installation cables STP / UTP

  • CCM keystone modules

  • IDC / LSA connection components

  • PC patch cables STP / UTP

  • and CCM copper connection modules.


  • Frames

  • Empty panels

  • Chassis

  • Data sockets

  • and 19″ accessories.

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TKM Catalog “Copper Connection Technology”

Here you will find the always up-to-date “Copper Connection Technology” catalogue.

Now to the catalogue

RJ-MOD system

For the RJ-MOD system, TKM offers a product range with keystone modules, patch panels, outlets and system cables, which, in addition to the usual high quality, also enable enormous time savings compared to conventional installations.

The RJ-MOD Keystone modules can be installed without tools and are used in structured communication networks in accordance with ISO / IEC 11801:2002 or DIN EN 50173-1:2007. Of course, they meet the requirements of Cat.6A class.

In combination with high quality tertiary cables, these modules allow a permanent link of class EA up to 500 MHz according to ISO / IEC 11801 amendment 2 and 10GBASE-T, according to IEEE 802.3an in accordance with the current standards.

The patch panels are characterized by their simplicity of installation. The space saving patch panels for the RJ-MOD modules are always equipped with strain relief and grounding bolts. The modules can also be optimized for easy installation and can be purchased pre-assembled.

The Outlets / mounting frames score points with their simple installation and high packing density. A dust protection flap integrated in the central panel ensures optimum protection of the corresponding RJ45 socket from environmental influences.

The TKM approved system/installation cables as well as the factory-assembled connection cables guarantee optimum transmission characteristics with high system reserves and fast installation on site.

CAT 5 to CAT 8.1

The TKM portfoil covers all transmission classes according to ISO / IEC 11801:2002 or DIN EN 50173-1:2007 and thus offers the right product for every application. The transmission classes range from 100 kHz up to 2,000 MHz. This allows bandwidths of up to 40 Gbit.

For each transmission class, the individual components for creating a link are available in different versions. This means that every problem can be solved.


TKM is also well equipped in the LSA environment with patch panels and outlets.

With patch panels in different variants VF, MF-VF (expandable), DG-VF with different packing density (1 HE, ½ HE, ½ 19″), a high quality and standards-compliant transmission link up to 4 Connector-link according to ISO / IEC 11801:2002 or DIN EN 50173-1:2007 can be set up in any environment. The use of LSA / SID connection technology allows installation with standard tools.

For data sockets, the TKM products in combination with high quality tertiary cables allow a Class EA channel link up to 500 MHz with a 10GBASE-T transmission in accordance to the current ISO / IEC11801 amendment 1 and IEEE 802.3an standards. Easy mounting and integration into all common installation systems goes without saying.

The IP44 / IP67 data sockets are characterized by their robustness (DIN 18032) and maintain the IP44 protection class with closed cover both with plugged and unplugged patch cable. These high protection classes are used, for example, in production lines, schools, storage areas, laboratories, airports, etc., application.

Telephone and special patch panels

TKM is also the first address for telephone and special patch panels.

The unshielded telephone patch panels RJ45 (category 3) developed by TKM are at home in structured communication networks according to ISO / IEC 11801 or DIN EN 50173 as special cabling components for telephone sub-distribution. The base plate offers good routing and distribution of the cables laid on it.

Easy installation is guaranteed by the proven LSA connection technology. TKM TK-MOD telephone patch panels in RJ45 technology are used for simple and fast connection of analogue and digital (ISDN) telephone systems using a 50-pin field cable (Plug & Play). Various module variants are available for this purpose.

TKM’s various modular patch panels (MMP- / top-hat rails / SOV-VF) enable the installer to set up a high quality and standard-compliant transmission link in accordance with ISO / IEC 11801:2002 or DIN EN 50173-1:2007 in any environment.

Patch and special cables

Of course, we also offer patch and special cables from TKM.

The highly shielded RJ45 patch and connection cables manufactured by TKM are used in structured communication networks in accordance with ISO / IEC 11801:2002 and DIN EN 50173-1: 2007, their properties are described in ISO / IEC 61935-2. The cables are highly flexible and the connectors are securely attached to the cable by additional strain relief and overmoulding. Six standard colours are available for the overmoulding of the connector body.

The system installation / data cables are defined as follows: DK10 Cat. 7 1000 MHz AWG23/1 S/FTPP 4P LSHF.

Special cables—industrial connection cables, telephone cables and many other variants such as adapter cables or SUB-D cables—are manufactured by TKM in high quality (100 % outgoing goods inspection) exactly according to customer specifications, flexibly and quickly.

This product range is complemented by snap-in protection, field cables, Hydra cables and much more—inquiries are always worthwhile.