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Clad alignment splicer
View 3 Pro

The View 3 Pro is the most precise (Active V-Groove) clad alignment splicer on the market. Its advanced four-motor alignment mechanism provides a whole new level of comfort, safety and productivity. Based on the previous model, many small but important subtleties have been improved based on user feedback. The result is first-class efficiency.

View 3 Pro Splicer: Perspective view

On the high-resolution 5-inch color LCD touchscreen with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, zooming in and out is as easy as a doubletapping—and you get the highest magnification and resolution on the market: 520 ×!

A removable SOC holder and heater, 3 bright LEDs for low light conditions and a ceramic clamp for improved durability are of course also included. As well as adequate protection against water, shock and dust.

The ergonomically optimized carrying case with shoulder strap contains an exceptionally generous delivery, which includes all the necessary cables, a pair of replacement electrodes and even the Cleaver V10 Pro, the top model for precise fiber cutting. Other accessories such as strippers or a 12 V adapter for the car socket are available as options.

The View 3 Pro has a built-in IoT module that enables device connectivity to the View Pro Cloud Management system.

  • Clad alignment (Active V-Groove)

  • 5-inch color LCD touch screen

  • Highest magnification and resolution on the market

  • Integrated video tutorials

  • Connection to cloud-based solution for remote management

  • Suitable for working in the Deutsche Telekom network

View 3 Pro splicer: Waterproof, Anti Shock and Dustproof
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Product sheet View 3 Pro

Current product sheet “INNO Instrument View 3 Pro splicer”
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Manual View 3 Pro

Current user manual “View 3 Pro Splicer”
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INNO Instrument View 3 Pro: Overview features
INNO Instrument View 3 Pro: Overview features

Need informations?

We have a few videos (in German) on the subject of fiber and splicer for you …

Technical specifications


View 3 Pro

Number of fiber


Splicing process

Clad alignment

Applicable fibers

SM (ITU-T G.652 & G.657) / MM (ITU-T G.651) / DS (ITU-T G.653) / NZDS (ITU-T G.655)

Cleaved length

5–16 mm

Cladding diameter

80–150 μm

Splicing mode

Maximum 128 modes

Heating mode

Maximum 32 modes

Typical splice loss

SM: 0.03 dB / MM: 0.01 dB / DS: 0.05 dB / NZDS: 0.05 dB / G.657: 0.03 dB

Splicing time

Quick mode: 7 seconds

Heating time

Typical 13 seconds

Heating sleeve length

20–60 mm


5-inch color display with touch function

Fiber view

X, Y, XY, X/Y


520 × magnification

Return loss

› 60 dB

Results storage

The last 10,000 results (Values + photos)

Tention test

1,96–2,25 N


Button / Touch screen


3 white LEDs

Power supply

AC Input 100–240 V, DC Input 19 V

No. of splice & heating with battery

5,200 mAh battery capacity, Typical 200 times (Splice + heat)

Electrode life

5,500 arcs, can be extended by using an electrode grinder



Operating condition

Operating altitude: 0–5,000 m above sea level / 0–95 % relative humidity / −10–50 °C / Max. wind 15 m/s

Storage condition

0–95 % relative humidity / −40–80 °C

Dimensions in mm (Width × Depth × Height)

149 × 177 × 151


2.21 kg

View Pro Cloud Management System

Another key added value of the View 3 Pro is its integration with the free View Pro Cloud Management System, which offers a whole new level of remote management.

The highlights:

  • The real-time tracking function shows where the splicer is at any given time—forgetfulness and theft are finally a thing of the past. And pop-up messages provide quick information on the status of the device.

  • With device management, you can keep an eye on a warning about an electrode or a calibration to be performed, for example, at any times. And software updates can even be imported directly from the cloud.

  • All reports and data are exchanged online and are therefore immediately available, even if the device remains on a remote construction site. A physical readout via USB is still possible as an option.

  • Work/task management automatically archives the work progress of each device. Workforce planning has never been easier and efficiency gains are immediate.

View 3 Pro splicer: View Pro Cloud Management System

All functions are controlled or accessed from the dashboard on the PC connected to the INNO iCloud server. The View 3 Pro in turn communicates with the server via a 4G / 5G cellular network. All it needs is a low-cost IoT SIM card and the splicer is on the web. And all the information is available as quickly as possible and always up to date.

Scope of delivery

View 3 Pro: Opened splicer view from top
  • Splicer View 3 Pro

  • Cleaver V10 Pro

  • Fiber holder FH-45

  • SOC holder SH-SOC-R

  • SOC heater cover HTS-SOC-02

  • Power adapter JS-180300

  • Cooling tray CG-22

  • Elektrodes E-50

  • Battery pack LBT-52

  • Countertop IWS-06

  • Fastening screw M6 × 8 WTB-01

  • Fastening screw M6 × 14 WTB-02

  • Power cable ACC-25

  • USB cable USB-7P

  • Carrying case ICC-55

  • Shoulder strap ST-01

Tools, consumables and accessories

In addition to the splicer, various tools are required to properly prepare the fibers. If you are not yet equipped here, we will of course be happy to help. Whether it’s the right stripper, loose tube cutter, cleaning fluid and cloths or a crimping press: you can get everything from us. And we are at your side with advice and action. Talk to us or get an initial overview online.

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