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TV analyzer
AMA 310 Complete D3.0

TV analyzer AMA 310 Complete D3.0

Classic measurement technology with unrivaled equipment and efficiency…No measuring receiver is easier to operate, none makes work easier, even with very complex error analyses. It is fully equipped for all HF measurements and DOCSIS 3.1 measurement modules can be ordered as options. In addition to the identical HF measuring branches, optical signals can also be measured and processed—regardless of whether the device is connected to a satellite system or a CATV network.

Whether in extensive satellite systems or CATV networks, optical signal transport is becoming more and more important: The immense advantage of this technology is that long distances can be covered in an energy-saving and potential-free manner.

The transmission is different, but the procedures remain the same; Don’t do without the usual methods—that is decisive with the AMA 310 Complete D3.0. Anyone who uses this device has a perfect connection between conventional and well-known HF measurements and the additional accuracy in error analysis through the feeding of optical signals.

The optical connections often cause major problems. Even the slightest contamination of connectors and fibers can lead to incorrect measurements. The optical device connection of the is optimally protected against dirt by a mechanical lock.

AMA 310 Complete D3.0: DOCSIS 3.1 Downstream

The standard equipment is a UHD decoder for displaying ultra-high-resolution image content and, of course, an extended CATV frequency range up to 1,214 MHz.

Also, the requirement for the documentation of equipment whether tabular measurement series in .xml format, whether screenshots of errors or records of long-term measurements can be easily met with him.

The many years of experience and the consistent further development of the AMA 310 concept from KWS Electronic have created a measuring device that is just as unbeatable in terms of features and precision on the market: whether DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1, DVB-C or Ultra-HD ,

The AMA 310 Complete D3.0 is the standard that others need to measure.

  • High resolution bright 5.5″ colour TFT

  • Frequency range of 5-2,150 MHz—for TV/FM/return channel 5–1,214 MHz, for SAT 910–2,150 MHz

  • Digital: DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DOCSIS 3.0, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DAB+

  • Analog: VHF, TV

  • Return channel: level, BER, MER and constellation diagram in conjunction with VAROS 107

  • DOCSIS-Analyzer (DOCSIS 3.0)

  • Optical performance: OMI (optical modulation index), BER/MER/PE (packet error), constellation diagram, spectrum analyzer, data grabber

  • EMI measurement

  • MPEG-H (HEVC) / UHD decoder with 2 CI slots (SD / HD / UHD  /DVB T2 image display)

  • Real-time constellation diagram (except DVB-T2)

  • Hum and phase jitter detection

  • CATV: MER up to 40 dB

  • Digital analyzer for all areas with TILT measurement, ingress measurement

  • Echo measurement for DVB-T (impulse response)

  • Teletext analog/digital, DVB subtitling

  • DiSEqC, UNICABLE, JESS (EN 50494 und 50607)

  • Programming function for addressable antenna doses

  • Signal quality monitoring with Datagrabber

  • Printer for readings and screenshots

  • USB, SCART in/out, DVI out, Ethernet (RJ 45)

  • Lithium ion battery pack 14.4 V / 6.6 Ah

KWS quality for professionals

Because of its optimum features and its easy handling, this measuring receiver is appreciated by all users…and in detail the difference lies: Fast calculation and operating processes, high-resolution image and graphic representations characterize the AMA 310 Complete D3.0. Useful copy and save functions help you to troubleshoot and document assets.

AMA 310 Complete D3.0: Optical receiver SC / APC

Optical receiver (SC / APC)

The AMA 310 Complete D3.0 is equipped as standard with an optical receiver. The following measurements / functions are possible:

  • Optical performance

  • OMI (optical modulation index)

  • BER / MER / PE (package error)

  • Constellation diagram / Spectrum Analyzer / Databrabber

Optical signals can also be documented.

AMA 310 MPEG-H (HEVC)/UHD Decoder

MPEG-H (HEVC) / UHD decoder

UHD TV is increasingly gaining ground. As with the transition from SD-TV to HD-TV, more powerful compression techniques are used. With the new MPEG-H (HEVC)/UHD decoder ultra-high-resolution image content can be displayed.

With this decoder, the image display of all DVB-T2 content is possible. The HEVC standard used in Germany is a further development of the previous standard (MPEG-4). The transmission of Full HD programs via DVB-T2 (Germany) is one of the first distribution channels in which HEVC is used throughout the country in regular operation.

DOCSIS-Analyzer 3.0

With the DOCSIS Analyzer 3.0 EURO and US-DOCSIS signals can be evaluated. Channel bonding is graphically displayed. The measurement of the downstream quality as well as the upstream transmission level is possible.

AMA 310 Complete D3.0: DOCSIS 3.0 Analyzer
AMA 310 Basic: Optional measurement module DVB-T2

DVB-T2 measurement module

DVB-T2 differs severely from the DVB-T standard. With the new DVB-T2 it is possible to transmit HDTV services. The echo measurement is an important evaluation of the signal reserve.

KWS Electronic AMA 310 Basic/Complete D3.0: DAB/DAB+ measurement

DAB / DAB + measurement module

Digital radio in the two standards DAB and DAB + is steadily gaining in importance. The metrological evaluation, the reading out and demodulation of the services is standard on the AMA 310.

AMA 310 Basis: BK Spectrum

Measuring with results

The modern housing concept and future-oriented battery management make the measuring receiver even more ergonomic. Despite high component integration, all prescribed EMC guidelines are complied with. For this reason, it is virtually impossible for KWS measuring devices to interfere with each other and thus display falsified measuring results.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) measurement

Since May 2009, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has been testing cable networks for compliance with the maximum permissible limits of interference field strengths. This check is based on legal requirements (SchuTSEV) in order to protect safety-relevant radio frequencies against interference.

AMA 310 Basic: Electromagnetic interference (EMI) measurement
AMA 310 Basis/Complete D3.0: CATV frequency range

CATV-Frequenzbereich bis 1.214 MHz

Immer mehr Kabelnetzbetreiber rüsten ihre Anlagen auf 1 GHz Bandbreite um. Das Bild zeigt ein Spektrum im Frequenzbereich 45 bis 1.214 MHz.

AMA 310 Basic: Optional printer


The integrated printer enables documentation on site in paper form. The option is ideally suited to create a proof of the measurements taken as well as the digital documentation as well as immediately.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the AMA 310 Complete D3.0, our service staff will be happy to help you.