Combo measuring receiver / TV analyzer
VAROS 106 Optik

The future of modern measuring receivers: Optical signal transmission is not only low-attenuation and interference-proof, but in addition to classical measuring techniques also many times over safer and more accurate.

With the VAROS 106 Optic, all measurement parameters are represented by the HF technology in the usual way, optical signals are passed on from a receiver to the HF part of the device. As a result, even a picture control is possible for complete security.

Optical signal transport in SAT systems or CATV networks: The transmission is different but the technical evaluation remains the same. All known measurements can be applied and documented, regardless of whether the feed is made via the optical receiver or the RF input.

The combination test receiver VAROS 106 Optic is also built on a high-quality hardware platform. It differs from the basic unit VAROS 106 by an integrated optical receiver and the CATV frequency extension.

VAROS 106 Optic with protective case
VAROS 106 Optic: Optical receiver

Optical receiver (SC / APC)

The VAROS 106 Optic is equipped as standard with an optical receiver. The following measurements / functions are possible:

  • Optical performance

  • OMI (optical modulation index)

  • BER / MER / PE (package error)

  • Constellation diagram / Spectrum Analyzer / Databrabber

Optical signals can also be documented.

Frequency range…

for TV / FM / return channel 5–1,214 MHz.

VAROS 106 Optic: Extended CATV frequency range

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