With optical receiver:

CATV test receiver / TV analyzer
VAROS 107 Optik

Optics in the surface, copper in the building—only to cope with a modern device that works in addition to the classic RF network with optical transmission—the optics makes the difference. For HF measurements and image processing, the Standard and Optical versions are identical. The Optical series also has an optical receiver and the CATV frequency range is extended to 1.214 MHz.

Currently, many large-scale CATV networks are switched to optical transmission. The advantage is a low signal attenuation and the potential freedom of the track. Despite different transmission methods in copper or optic networks, the measurements remain the same. In the measuring receiver, the demodulated optical signal is fed into the HF measuring branch. Therefore, all standard measurements can be performed.

Even in so-called “stand-alone headends”, which supply larger buildings and often also offer analogue TV in their networks, the VAROS 107 Optic, one of the few devices on the market, delivers absolutely reliable measurement results.

Even with the required system documentation, this device impresses with utmost precision, regardless of whether it is an optical distribution or a classic HF network.

Optical receiver (SC / APC)

The VAROS 107 Optic is equipped as standard with an optical receiver. The following measurements / functions are possible:

  • Optical performance

  • OMI (optical modulation index)

  • BER / MER / PE (package error)

  • Constellation diagram / Spectrum Analyzer / Databrabber

Optical signals can also be documented.

VAROS 107 Optic: Display optical receiver

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