TKM product overview

With the comprehensive TKM product range, we can also cover all requirements in the field of passive transmission technology and network components: from simple patch cables to complex pre-assembled cabling systems.

Here, too, you can benefit from German engineering, which is used in a large number of renowned network facilities (companies, data centers, industry and carrier networks)—and which has redefined quality standards.

No wonder the reference list reads like a Who’s Who of industry leaders. From A for Allianz to Z for Zuffenhausen (so Porsche), you will find exciting project implementations: TKM products and systems, for example, ensure the best possible networking behind the scenes at all German branches of BMW and Deutsche Bank as well as at all T-Mobile locations throughout Germany. And companies such as Microsoft or even the public sector (e.g. the state of North Rhine-Westphalia) undoubtedly also attach great importance in making no compromises when it comes to their networks.

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TKM brochures

Find always up to date brochures about our TKM products as PDFs.

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Kws Electronic: Info box data network technology overview

Info box “Data Network Technology”

We have compiled the highlights of our data network range in a sample box, which we will be happy to send you on request—free of charge.

KWS Electronic overview TKM products: Copper connectivity

Copper connectivity

Wide range of permanent link- (STP/UTP) and on-site components for CAT 8, CAT 6A and CAT 6 as well as a variety of accessories ranging from data sockets to 19″ equipment.

KWS Electronic overview TKM products: Fiber connectivity

Fiber connectivity

Wide range of fiber optic transmission technology products: patch cables, pigtails, splitter cables, distribution panels, outlets, modules/assemblies, surface-mounted splicing distributors, hybrid solutions, splicing accessories, splitters/TAP modules and couplings.

KWS Electronic overview TKM products: Cabling systems

Cabling systems

Cabling systems or trunk cable solutions as pre-assembled systems in cassette technology for LWL and copper, connection technology for MPO/MTP® and URM® as well as cable splitters.

KWS Electronic overview TKM products: AIM

Automated Infrastructure Monitoring (AIM)

FUTURE-PATCH® as a DCIM solution enables network operators for the first time to document patch field assignments in real time, to plan patch processes and to monitor them visually. Ideal for upgrading existing networks and DCIM solutions.

KWS Electronic overview TKM products: optiLAN

optiLAN guarantee promise

TKM’s high quality standards are not only proven by numerous certificates, but also form the basis for an outstanding guarantee statement: When installed by trained specialist personnel, the entire system is covered by the optiLAN guarantee—a 25-year effective guarantee!

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