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Under the keyword “hardware meets software”, concrete successes can already be reported from the development cooperation between KWS Electronic Test Equipment GmbH and AND Solution GmbH.

The planning, documentation and operational support software solution of the same name from AND enables the exact planning of modern HFC networks for the entire spectrometer with integrated calculations. For its part, KWS develops measuring devices that network engineers at installation companies and network operators can use to measure their networks accurately and reliably.

If these two aspects—the target state from AND calculation and the actual state from KWS measurement—can be directly linked, this improves processes and reduces costs.

KWS and AND: individually excellent—together even better.

AND software

The calculations integrated in AND allow for technical control throughout of the entire network during the planning phase, because the design can be checked according to operator’s standards.

A wide range of features are taken into account: Calculation of the HF level for the entire spectrum, including upstream (also DOCSIS 3.1), optical power in the entire network for downstream and upstream (including splitters, splicing, cable lengths etc.), calculation of power consumption (e.g. in the head-end) and much more. The network documentation will later result from this well-founded planning basis.

With the AND WebAccess option, this documentation can also be made available to the service on-site technicians by giving them platform independent access (iOS™, Android™, Windows™ etc.) to the current data via mobile devices (e.g. tablets or notebooks).

AND WebAccess functionalities include address search, GPS data as well as QR / barcodes, redlining, fiber breakage search, signal path tracking, access to documents (e.g. access authorizations, manuals, drilling plans, acceptance protocols etc.), upload of photo and video documentation and now also an interface to the CATV measurement receiver VAROS 107 from KWS: AND Verify.

KWS hardware

The innovative VAROS 107 portable TV analyzer from KWS is the ideal measuring device for technicians. From old and large scale cable networks to the interactive networks of the future, it plays a leading role in all tasks.

Highlights of its extensive equipment include an optical measurement input (with optical performance and OMI), a HEVC / UHD decoder (H.265, CI slot, DVI out), a DOCSIS 3.1 analyzer, a spectrum analyzer and NIT evaluation for all areas (broadband and narrowband) and now also a WLAN interface to connect the measurement and documentation functions to AND Verify.

The interaction of software and hardware

So far

Installation and maintenance procedures still vary from network operator to another and from one technician to another. The technician comes to the site with a given work order (modification, replacement, fault clearance etc.), executes it and documents it with a measuring device. The measured value is then returned to the network operator in various ways. Ideally via cloud, sometimes via e-mail in non-standard formats or, in the worst case, on paper.

The network operator then compares the measured values with the planning data and the assignment is accounted—if the measurement results are within the limits specified in the planning. If not, the work is disapproved and a technician must return to the site at a later date. In addition, errors during the comparison of the measured values or their transfer to the measuring point in AND cannot be excluded.

So good

The typical course of an amplifier exchange quickly shows how great the potential for efficiency improvement is. Due to the network change planned in AND, the network engineer installs the new amplifier and immediately afterwards performs a verification check with the VAROS 107 which is controlled by AND Verify on a mobile device.

To do this, the predefined measuring point in the AND documentation is simply selected on the terminal device, which is wirelessly connected to the VAROS 107, and the HF measurements for the specified point of measurement are started —no further adjustment is necessary. The stored measurement results are automatically transferred to the AND server. A measurement report can also be placed directly there in the network documentation (DMS solution AND PinBoard). Fast, simple and transparent.

The highlight is that the results of the live measurement (actual) are directly compared with the AND calculations (target). If measured values are outside the tolerance, they are displayed in red. And the technician can take immediate action on site to solve the problem. Because unsolved problems or even a late verification of deviations means a return to the operation site. This costs time and money. And can even lead to a service interruption.

Connection between VAROS 107 and AND WebAcess


  • VAROS measuring devices were equipped with a WLAN interface

  • Communication possible in the same network

  • Implementation of a REST interface (open interface)

  • Control and evaluation of data via HTTP-REST

  • Integration of the functions in AND WebAccess

VAROS 107 and AND Verify—benefits at a glance

  • Start measurements with AND Verify on a mobile device

  • Network technicians can solve problems directly on site through immediate comparison of measured values and planning and do not have to visit the site again

  • Test results are stored in the AND network documentation at the touch of a button—this saves time and eliminates possible errors in transmission of measurement data.

  • Direct comparison between AND calculations (target) and KWS measurement results (actual)

  • Discrepancies are indicated and are clearly visible

  • Test results can be compared in AND, even retrospectively and with adjusted tolerances.

Interest aroused?

If you have further questions about the interaction between AND and KWS, you will find your contact person here.