Smaller, lighter, more powerful

Combo measuring receiver / TV analyzer

Welcome to the new, digital world—the VAROS 106, with groundbreaking design, easy operation and all available measurement options.

No other device on its clear display makes such a simple and understandable signal evaluation possible or has implemented so many new and innovative measurement methods. With the integration of some tools, the VAROS 106 supports the local craftsman…It has never been so easy to create a documentation of the measured values for the client and to pass over faultlessly functioning systems.

The VAROS 106 includes as standard equipment a UHD decoder for displaying ultra-high-resolution picture content and the new DAB+ radio. Of course, all SAT CATV and terrestrial signals can also be measured. A measuring receiver for the future-oriented craft.

A common requirement is the documentation of distribution systems. Whether tabular measurement series, screenshots of defect images or long-term measurements: the VAROS 106 can do it …

VAROS 106: Backlit keyboard
  • High-resolution, bright 5.7″ color TFT

  • Frequency range of 5–2,150 MHz
    for TV / FM /reverse channel 5–1,214 MHz
    for SAT 910–2,150 MHz


  • Digital: level measurement, BER, MER, noise margin, packet error, NIT evaluation

  • Keyboard with switchable backlight

  • Analog: Level measurement for return channel, FM and TV

  • EMI measurement (interference field strength)

  • Spectrum Analyzer for all areas/TILT function

  • Constellation diagram for all areas

  • Echo measurement for DVB-T / -T2 (impulse response)

  • SCAN function for secure satellite detection

  • DiSEqC, UNICABLE, JESS (EN 50494 and 50607)

  • Direct programming function for JESS antenna outlets

  • Signal quality monitoring with Datagrabber

  • Measurement data storage / screenshots / channel plans directly via USB

  • Video / audio output via DVI

  • Lithium ion battery pack 7.2 V / 10.1 Ah

VAROS 106 Basic: Modular refittable

Modular and innovative

The KWS-typical modular device concept was also adopted by the VAROS 106 and leaves room for innovation.

The VAROS 106 is also an investment in the future. Applications that may not play a role today can still be retrofitted in years.

MPEG-H (HEVC) / UHD decoder

UHD TV is increasingly gaining ground. As with the transition from SD-TV to HD-TV, more powerful compression methods are used. With the new MPEG-H (HEVC)/UHD decoder ultra-high-resolution image content can be displayed.

With this decoder, the VAROS 106 is also capable of displaying all DVB-T2 content. The HEVC standard used in Germany is a further development of the previous standard (MPEG-4). The transmission of Full HD programs via DVB-T2 (Germany) is one of the first distribution channels in which HEVC is used throughout the country in regular operation.

VAROS 106: DAB and DAB+


Digital radio DAB and DAB+ will gradually replace FM. The metrological evaluation, the reading out and the demodulation of the services are standard features of the VAROS 106.

S / N measurement module

The evaluated S / N measurement is used to measure the signal-to-noise ratio of an analog CATV channel in accordance with standards. It is possible to safely assess the signal quality of analog TV signals.

Electromagnetic interference measurement (EMI)

Since May 2009, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has been testing cable networks for compliance with the maximum permissible limits of interference field strengths. This check is based on legal requirements (SchuTSEV) in order to protect safety-relevant radio frequencies against interference.


Forward-looking standard: DVB-T2

The new DVB-T2 differs severely from the DVB-T standard. With DVB-T2 it is now possible to transmit HDTV services. The echo measurement is an important evaluation of the signal reserve.

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