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On the one hand the PC software AMA.remote allows you to process measuring receiver files (e.g. tuning memory or channel lists). On the other hand, TV analyzer (combo measuring receiver) AMA 310 can be remotely monitored and controlled via SNMP with AMA.remote.

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Tuning memory

Allow comfortable generation or processing of a tuning memory list and saving in a file that can be transferred to the measuring receiver. Entered parameters are automatically verified.

Channel table

The combo measuring receiver contains TV standard pre-defined channel tables. Using AMA.remote it is possible to create user-defined channel tables and to load these in the measuring receiver.

Data Log Viewer

Files created by the DataLogger can be read in or merged if required.

Extended features—activation required*

Remote control

Settings, which are entered using the measuring receiver’s keyboard, are provided by the program interface. Measuring parameters and measuring values are presented in the same way as in the LCD of the measuring receiver.

Remote monitoring

As with the measuring device’s monitoring function, it is possible to monitor a channel or a frequency with AMA.remote. If a pre-determined limit is exceeded a message appears.

Long-term recording of measured data

Measuring values for up to five channels or frequencies are displayed graphically and recorded. The measured results can be retrieved, displayed, and recorded in user-adjustable intervals.

* The activation considers the AMA 310’s SNMP interface. The acquisition of a license for the use of the full functionality of “AMA.remote” is required.

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Manual AMA.remote

Version V00-05

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Measuring receiver files

AMA.remote: Remote tuning memory

TV analyzer AMA 310 processes tuning memory, channel tables, as well as DataLogger files.

The assignment of the measuring receiver’s tuning memory is described in a tuning memory file. Each memory location can be accessed in the measurement device, which coordinates according to the data from the memory.

The tuning memory configuration can be easily set or changed by reading a tuning memory file into the measuring receiver.
Using AMA.remote it is possible to read existing tuning memory files and modify or create new files. The corresponding tool is called “tuning memory”.

AMA.remote: Remote channel tables

Channel tables for the various television standards are already stored in the measuring receiver. The contain information about the channel spacing, i.e. the channel frequencies and the corresponding bandwidth.

If for any reason, a system deviates from the norm in its channel allocation, it is possible to load a channel table (CHA file) in to the measurement device.

Creating such channel table files can be carried out using AMA.remote—see “Channel Table”.

With the measuring receiver’s DataLogger function it is possible to take a series of measurements. The results are stored in XML files.

The AMA.remote can read, display, and print out these DataLogger files.

The contents of the files are summarised in a table if several DataLogger files are opened at the same time. The tool used for processing the DataLogger files is called “Data Log Viewer”.

AMA.remote: Data Log Viewer

Remote control and remote monitoring advantages

AMA.remote: Remote control

Remote control is especially interesting when it becomes expensive to undertake a site survey because of distances involved. It may then be better to set up and connect the test receiver at the measuring point so when, for example, a fault is reported a measurement can be carried out from the PC.

The user can make all the necessary settings remotely as well as being able to read parameters and measurement results.

Using remote monitoring it’s possible to monitor a channel or frequency over a period of time. The measuring receiver is first aligned and then configured for remote monitoring. If a pre-defined threshold is exceeded an appropriate message appears. Depending on the reset limit it’s possible to pre-empt signal quality degradation. As a result, it might be possible to take certain measures to prevent loss of signal.

Using SNMP

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a network protocol, which enables the management of networks and the connected components. As long as there is an Internet connection to a network component it’s possible, under certain conditions, to access the network via the Internet.

Since many headends have Internet access SNMP is being used more and more for monitoring and remote control of the headend.

Your TV analyzer (combo measuring receiver) AMA 310 can be managed via the Internet following the activation of the SNMP interface. The device can be connected to the headend at the headend using the Ethernet interface. A measuring receiver can be addressed at further measurement points with available Internet access.

The PC programs used for remote control and monitoring of the network components are referred to as Network Management Software. KWS Electronic has developed the AMA.remote management software to be able to communicate with the AMA 310 measuring receiver.

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