optiLAN guarantee promise

This program from our partner TKM illustrates our common quality standard. And enables you to provide your customers with a 25 year guarantee without any risk on your part. This is a strong argument in winning new orders and at the same time the opportunity to participate in tenders that require such a guarantee – without taking any risks yourself. We strengthen your back and help you to find new opportunities!

A modern automated production line and continuous electrical and optical quality controls ensure an optimal production result of all components that are matched to each other. In construction, we attach great importance to both practical relevance and uncompromising quality. In this way, enormous time and cost savings can be achieved when using the products.

The products are also designed to be extremely robust and durable. However, an excellent product alone is not enough to achieve an outstanding and sustainable result. To achieve the guaranteed values of the overall system, the professional installation of the components used is just as important.

The specialist knowledge for the installation can be acquired in a one-day seminar at TKM or also at KWS. Afterwards, both the specialist company and the participant receive a corresponding certificate. With this certificate, you can participate in the optiLAN program with the object of your choice and offer your customers a 25 year system warranty. Together we guarantee the highest quality, sustainability and investment protection.

When planning and constructing networks, care must be taken today to ensure that tomorrow’s requirements are also met. In order to create sustainable solutions, consistently high quality is required over the years. With this in mind, TKM successfully introduced the optiLAN cabling system as early as 1994.

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For tertiary cabling the functional guarantee includes:

  • Category characteristics according to EN 50172 or ISO / IEC 11801

  • The mating cycles tested by the manufacturers of the sockets and plugs in the wear area

  • The contact properties of insulation displacement connections

  • Link performance according to the above mentioned standard for the tertiary area (copper cables are released by TKM).

For secondary and primary cabling:

The route characteristics for secondary and primary cabling (fiber optic cables) are guaranteed by the warranted characteristics of the cable and component manufacturers.

By means of traceable and secure measurement documentation, each fiber is measured and supplied to the customer in a protocol. The prerequisite for the optiLAN guarantee is professional installation by verifiably trained specialists in accordance with the TKM installation instructions and the current optiLAN guidelines.