Fiber connectivity

The choice of passive components for TKM’s fiber optic transmission technology is almost limitless. All fiber optic connectors established on the market are assembled and are readily available from us and our partner. Here, too, you can benefit from quality standards that are diminishing.

Perfection by hand: TKM’s fiber optic cable assembly successfully combines modern production technology and efficient processes with the decades of experience of a medium-sized fiber optic manufacturer. The development, production and measurement of standard fiber optic products, as well as the engineering of complex individual fiber optic solutions for all application scenarios are part of everyday life here.

The factory assembly of the plugs at TKM is carried out by qualified personnel in strict compliance with the plug processing instructions. Only branded plugs with high quality ceramic end caps are used. Machine polishing is subject to random quality control by means of interferometers. The plugs are subjected to multiple optical surface inspections at 400x magnification. The attenuation measurement of each plug is documented with a measurement report.

At TKM, German engineering and production know-how is systematically applied to achieve a high degree of flexibility: not only with regard to production and delivery times, but also with regard to individual customer requirements. Since production takes place at the Mönchengladbach site, consistently high quality is guaranteed.

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TKM Catalog “Fiber Connection Technology”

Here you will find the always up-to-date “Glass fiber connection technology” catalogue.

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Fiber optic patch cables

Fiber optic patch cables are individually manufactured at TKM and are available in all lengths, in different colours and with the usual fibers in multimode (OM2 / OM3 / OM4, also as low bend insensitive fibers) or single mode.

The cables are low-smoke according to IEC 61034, halogen-free and flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-3, and you can choose between simplex, duplex and more resistant breakout cables.

All fiber optic connectors on the market are assembled. The patch cables can also be manufactured as adapter cables with any combination of connectors.

Fiber optic pigtails

Fiber optic pigtails are used in communication networks according to ISO / IEC 11801 or DIN EN 50173.

The cables are available in different colors, in any combination of connectors and in any length for the different fibers (single mode 9 / 125; multimode 62.5 / 125 and 50 / 125 OM2 or OM3).

Likewise, certain connectors are available in a high return loss version with bevelled edges (APC 8° or APC 9°). The wire pigtails have an easily removable solid wire with an outer diameter of 0.9 mm. The cables are low-smoke emission according to IEC 61034, halogen-free and flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-3.

Pigtail sets

Pigtail sets consist of up to 12 pigtails (also manufactured at TKM), and are set down ready for splicing, provided with a colour code and placed in the TKM splice cassette.

The splice cassette, the splice protection holder (optionally for crimped or shrink splice protection) and the matching cassette lid are naturally included in the scope of delivery. Pigtail sets can be ordered with or without the corresponding splice protection elements.

As standard, pigtails have an overall length of 2.50 m, of which approx. 1 m is set off. Other lengths are of course also available.

Fiber optic splicing accessories

In addition to splice cassettes, TKM offers all important components that ensure a sustainable connection of the spliced optical fibers. In addition to the splice cassette with lid, these components include the splice protection elements, which are used to secure the spliced optical fibers—thus preventing damage to the connection.

Furthermore, the corresponding splice protection holder, into which the splice protection elements with the crimped fibers are inserted, ensures a clear overview and stability.

Crimp splice protection element

The crimp splice protection element is used to protect fiber optic fusion splice connections. The permanently elastic compound of the splice protection element, in which the unprotected splice point is embedded, prevents damage to the splice point by environmental influences. The damping of the splice is not affected.

The splice protection elements naturally meet the highest quality requirements and are tested and approved according to the technical specifications of Deutsche Telekom (TS0338/96).

Splice cassette

The approved splice cassette is designed to hold up to 12 fiber splices. The splice cassette has four fiber entry areas, one of which is used as an inclined inlet. Anti-twist elements allow several cassettes to be stacked on top of each other.

In addition to the TKM splice protection holders for crimp and shrink splice protection, splice protection holders of other brands can also be used for the deposition of the crimp splice protection elements.

Installation is possible in two different positions by means of a snap-in mechanism. Further application possibilities of the splice cassette result from the generous fiber passage areas in the cassette bottom.

Splice cassette lid

Matching the TKM splice cassette is the splice cassette lid, which is also type-tested. It can be easily and securely attached to the cassette by means of snap-in/locking tabs. The lid is also available in a shortened version, suitable for the TKM excess length cassette. An optional laser information sign is available on the lid.

Shrink splice protection holder

A shrink splice protection holder is available for the installation of shrink splice protection elements. Up to 6 shrink splice protection elements with a diameter of 2.4 mm can be securely placed in this holder. The splice protection holder is also easy to install and is securely fixed by snapping it into the TKM cassette.

Fiber optic splitter cables / trunk cables

TKM’s fiber optic splitter cables trunk cables are already pre-assembled and ready for use. This easy assembly saves the installer above all time and money on site—combined with the high quality of the assembled plugs and sockets. Highest quality is also guaranteed for outdoor use: The waterproofness in accordance to the IP68 protection class and the high mechanical load capacity of the fiber optic splitter cable ensure safe use even outdoors. The flexible protective conduit with integrated plugging aid also ensures optimum plug protection.

The trunk cables in the fiber optic assembly are offered with all types of established connectors such as LC, LC Duplex, SC or E2000. The fiber optic splitter is available for up to 144 fibers, which allows a wide range of fiber optic applications. The cable splitters have a stable cable whip with a single 2.0 mm cable (yellow for single mode and orange for multimode). The individual cables are cascaded in steps and numbered with cable markers.

The divider concept used is characterized above all by the defined and potting agent-free fiber guidance within the divider head. The robust design protects the plugs against mechanical stress and guarantees protection class IP 68.

The cable whip, including the plug, is protected by a stable flexible hose with integrated pull-in aid. The hose is attached to the head of the fiber optic splitter cable by means of a quick-release fitting, allowing the hose to be easily removed and refitted several times. Thanks to the integrated pull-in aid, the divider is pulled safely and precisely during installation until it reaches its final position in the cabinet. The matching square socket of the fiber optic bundle loader divider in turn allows that it can be inserted into the TKM patch panel without tools.

The assembled plugs naturally comply with the proven TKM quality standard. Each divider is provided with a serial number and receives a measurement report.

Fiber optic mini splitter cables

Pre-assembled fiber optic mini splitter cables are mainly used for cable lengths of up to 20 m, where on-site connector assembly is not possible or practical. They are used for the direct connector assembly on micro cables with very small outer diameters (e.g. 2.5 mm with 12 fibers). Corresponding fiber optic modules for the various plug faces complete this product range and leave nothing to be desired.

The very compact mini divider can be easily mounted by means of a standardized mounting flange (dimensions correspond to those of an SC—simplex coupling). TKM patch panels are equipped with a precisely fitting mounting bracket for this purpose.

The maximum 12 fibers of the micro cables are divided in the mini-divider on the cores of 900 μm. The different colored hollow cores correspond to a standard fiber optic color code. The cores can be supplied with connectors of the same length or calibrated according to your choice. The fibers themselves remain free of potting agents in the mini-splitter and therefore have a defined free path.

Fiber optic patch panels

TKM fiber optic patch panels are a safe investment and easy to install. Thanks to the retrofittable front panels, the fiber optic patch panels guarantee a high degree of investment security and longevity. The conversion or upgrading from multi mode duplex or single mode duplex to multi mode quad or single mode quad is possible at any time and with a few simple steps.

With mounting options for four splice cassettes and four cable entries at the rear, the fiber optic patch panels provide clear and secure fixing of spliced fibers with splice protection elements. The use of multi mode quad or single mode quad couplings allows an optimized packing density up to 96 fiber optic cables per unit height and per patch panel.

Pass-through patch panel

The main feature of the 1 unit pass-through patch panel is its very low installation depth of only 120 mm and is particularly suitable for pre-assembled cables. This is why a wide range of installation options are available. All standard coupling are also available for this patch panel.

Fixed-mount panel

The fixed-mount panel with a depth of approx. 240 mm is suitable both as a splice box and as a mounting panel for TKM dividers. At the rear, two cable entries are available, into which cable glands (M20) or TKM dividers can optionally be inserted.

Alternatively, up to 4 splice cassettes can be installed in the panel and thus up to 48 fibers can be terminated. The front panel is available for all standard couplings.

The fixed-mount patch panel is also available pre-assembled: the pigtails are then already installed, ready to be spliced and provided with colour markers, inserted into a splice cassette with lid and splice protection holder. The splice protection is optionally included in the delivery of these pre-assembled patch panels.

Slide-in patch panel

The slide-in patch panel has an installation depth of approx. 300 mm and offers 4 cable entries at the rear, into which either M20 cable glands or TKM dividers can be inserted. Two of these 4 cable entries can also be used as inclined cable entries by a simple conversion. Alternatively, up to 4 splice cassettes can be installed to terminate up to 48 fibers.

The easily exchangeable front plate is available for all common fiber optic couplings. Like the fixed-mount patch panel, the slide-in patch panel is also available pre-assembled.

Patch panel for server racks with active technology

The air passage patch panel for server racks with active technology has a base and a lid made of perforated sheet metal for natural and uninterrupted air circulation.

This product variant is available with different types of couplings and for different network applications. The standard product can be supplied as an empty patch panel for simple, snap-in assembly with, for example, duct systems, or fully equipped with splicing equipment for on-site installation and commissioning.

Swing-out patch panel

The swing-out patch panel with angled outlet connections offers excellent splicing properties wherever space is limited. Thanks to the swing-out option, access to the splice cassettes and the cable entry at the rear is easy and convenient. In addition, the fittings are installed with an angled outlet technology, which reduces the space requirement for patch cables.

Patch panels equipped with fiber optic splitter modules

Patch panels equipped with fiber optic splitter modules (TAP module for signal monitoring) have been specially developed by TKM and are used in structured communication networks according to ISO / IEC 11801 or DIN EN 50173.

Up to 8 modules are equipped with power splitters of a defined division ratio (60 / 40 or 50 / 50). This means that one output can be used as a test port for uninterrupted testing of an operating fiber optic link – testing does not interfere with the transmission operation. The module is designed for LCdx connectors and has 6 slots: 2 inputs (A), 2 outputs (B), 2 test ports (T). Due to its compact design, a high packing density is achieved.

Fiber optic modules and fiber optic subracks

Fiber optic modules and fiber optic subracks from TKM enable unmatched fast and high-quality installations.

The fiber optic connector modules

The fiber optic connector modules developed by TKM are used in structured communication networks. For all established fiber optic connectors (LC, SC, SC Duplex and E2000), corresponding connector modules are available.

Modules with a height of 3 rack units (U) and a width of 7 or 8 depth units are suitable for the fiber optic subrack. The 8 depth unit version can also be installed in the GF-AE. The Eurocard-sized plug-in module consists of a front plate, a cassette holder, a splice cassette, an overlength cassette, a splice protection holder and a cassette lid.

The connector modules can be ordered completely pre-assembled with fittings and pigtails. The pigtails and their excess length are installed in the connector module ready for splicing. The plug modules are available for all common plug faces.

The fiber optic connector modules consist of a carrier and a front plate as well as a splice cassette with lid and splice protection holder and an excess length compartment in which the overlength of the loose tube cable and bundles can be stored.

The modules are fully assembled, ready to be spliced and contain the necessary fiber optic couplings as well as 12 already set of, colour-coded fiber optic pigtails. This allows a quick and error-free assembly on site.

Fiber optic subrack

The fiber optic subrack with a height of 3U × 84 depth units × 175 mm offers space for up to 12 7 depth units fiber optic connectors modules—thus up to 144 fibers can be terminated. Guide rails ensure easy installation of the modules. To prevent unintentional removal, the modules can be fixed to the module rack for safety reasons.

Data sockets

TKM data sockets are available as surface-mounted and flush-mounted connection sockets in multi mode and single mode. The powder-coated sheet steel support is characterized by its easy to install and high fitting accuracy.

The simple and easy to install fiber optic flush-mounted socket is used as a pure pass-through box without the possibility of splicing. It can be integrated into all common installation systems. The standard colour of the center panel is RAL 9010, the corresponding cover frame is available as an option.

The fiber optic socket is available for all common fiber optic couplings, e.g. SC / SC duplex or LC / LC duplex.

Depending on the type and number of couplings, up to 4 fibers can be connected. Single mode couplings always have a ceramic sleeve, multi mode couplings have a phosphor bronze sleeve as standard. Ceramic sleeves for multi mode couplings are also available on request.

Matching the socket there is an easy-to-install surface-mounted housing and a corresponding cover frame. The surface-mounted housing (also in RAL 9010 as standard, other colors on request) has the dimensions 80 × 80 × 40 mm, the cover frame 80 × 80 × 8 mm.

Surface-mounted and splice distribution boxes

The compact housing with three mounting holes in the rear panel is ideal for wall mounting. The inner part, including the splice holder, is completely removable. This allows splicing work to be carried out on a workbench. Once the work is completed, the inner part with the cable is inserted and fixed in the wall-mounted housing. Finally, the housing is closed with the corresponding cover. This makes assembly easy right up to the end.

As standard, 4 or 6 fiber optic couplings are mounted in the housing. You can choose between SC simplex, LC duplex or E2000 simplex as well as single or multi mode versions.

The housing also contains a matching splice cassette with splice protection holder for the splice protection elements as standard.

As an option, the housing is also available pre-assembled: up to 6 wire pigtails are then placed in the splice cassette, ready to be spliced and provided with a colour-code. This considerably reduces the assembly time during installation and avoids errors during installation.

Fiber optic couplings

Fiber optic couplings are available in LCdx (Lucent connector duplex) and SCdx (Subscriber connector duplex) versions for the most common networks. For SM (single mode) networks, the couplings are available as straight ground (PC—physical contact) and 8° angled ground (APC—angled physical contact).

All couplings are delivered with dust protection cap in a blister pack.