INNO Instrument

Fully automatic fiber cleaver V12

The Inno Instrument V12 precision desktop cleaver is a state-of-the-art tool, equipped with a robust allay steel blade for optimal durability and performance. It features a fully automatic, self-activating counting mechanism and an innovative blade rotation system, ensuring up to 2,500 precise cleaves per point and a total blade lifespan exceeding 60,000 cleaves.

Designed for versatility, the V12 features an integrated automatic fiber shard collector, improving safety and cleanliness. The V12‘s lid is engineered to open to a 90-degree angle, greatly enhancing visibility and ease of use. Its universal magnetic holder (clamp) accommodates a wide range of cables, including 250 μm and 900 μm fiber cables, flat cables, ribbon fibers and jumper cables, making it an indispensable tool for a wide scope of fiber optic applications.

V12 fiber cleaver: Open view
  • Automatic blade rotation with digital counter

  • Easy single-step operation

  • Suitable for single cables up to 900 μm, ribbon fibers, jumper cables etc.

  • Excellent visibility (90-degree opening angle)

  • Magnetic fiber holder

  • Long service life

  • Integrated automatic fiber shard collector

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Product sheet V12

Current product sheet “Inno Instrument V12 Fiber cleaver”
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Cladding diameter

125 μm

Applicable fiber cable

Single fiber: 160 to 900 μm, 2 to 3 mm and drop cable

Ribbon (multi) fiber cables: 2 to 16 ribbon fibers

Cleaved Length

Single fiber: 5 to 24 mm (Coating diameter ≤ 250 μm)
10 to 20 mm (Coating diameter > 250 μm)

Ribbon (multi) fiber cables: 10 mm

Typical cleaved angle

Single fiber: 0.5 degrees

Typical blade life

Total 60,000 cleaves (24 points, 2,500 cleaves each)


Universal holder (magnetic, replaceable)


Coin type lithium battery CR

Operating conditions

0–95 % relative humidity (non-dew) / −10 to 50 °C

Storage conditions

0–95 % relative humidity (non-dew) / −40 to 80 °C

Height and weight

V12 fiber cleaver: Scope of delivery
  • Height: 55 mm

  • Width: 106.5 mm

  • Depth: 103.5 mm

  • Weight: 325 g

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