INNO Instrument

Long life thermal stripper
for ribbon fiber cable

The TS-Pro was specially designed as a thermal stripper for ribbon fiber and rollable cables. Thanks to its ease of handling, virtually anyone can use it to strip successfully—with near zeo failure. The TS-Pro is a very robust, lightweight and compact tool that fits comfortably in the hand.

Other highlights include the amazing battery capacity, which allows for approximately 500 strippings, and the extremely fast heat-up time of about 4 seconds. The required force, precision and sharpness of the blade have been further improved. In addition, the TS-Pro meets the requirements of the first KS waterproof level.

Professional thermal stripper for stripping the coating of fiber optic cables and ribbon cables with up to 16 fibers.

  • Handheld, quick and easy to operate

  • Robust metal housing

  • World’s fastest heat-up time of only 4 seconds

  • Long battery life: Approximately 500 strippings on a single charge

  • Power save mode

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Product sheet TS-Pro

Current product sheet “INNO Instrument TS-Pro thermal stripper”
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TS-Pro thermal stripper: Handling 1

Turn on the TS Pro and choose an appropriate mode and temperature.

TS-Pro thermal stripper: Handling 2

Place the fiber holder, close the cover and stick the fiber holder part to the main body.

TS-Pro thermal stripper: Handling 3

Press the covers and wait for temperature indicator to flash and the TS-Pro to beep.

TS-Pro thermal stripper: Handling 4

Pull the fiber holder part out of the main body and open it to check the stripped fiber.




Fiber material

Silica glass

Coating diameter

200 ~ 400 μm

Cladding diameter

125 μm

Applicable fiber


Stripping Length

Up to 30 mm

Heating mode

Normal mode / Power save mode

Heat-up time

Normal mode: approx. 4 seconds

Power save mode: approx. 5 seconds

Temperature settings

Normal mode: approx. 80 °C, 95 °C, 110 °C, 130 °C

Power save mode: approx. 70 °C, 80 °C, 95 °C, 110 °C

Battery capacity

880 mAh / Approx. 500 strippings with a single charge

Power supply

AC drive: 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz

DIN port: DC 12 V (supplied by the splicer)

Operating conditions

Temperature: 0 °C ~ 40 °C / Humidity: 0 % ~ 95 %

Size and weight

TS-Pro dimensions
  • Height: 1.33 inches (34 mm)

  • Width: 5.47 inches (139 mm)

  • Depth: 1.33 inches (34 mm)

  • Weight: 0.59 lbs (269 Gramm)
    Without battery: 0.50 lbs (227 Gramm)

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