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Crimping press for
crimp splice protection

Safe and permanent protection for the welding point in arc splicing technology

In the arc splicing technique, the ends of the fibers are directly welded together. To do this, the protective coating must be removed from both fiber ends. The welding point or splice is therefore unprotected and consequently exposed to environmental and mechanical influences. Adequate splice protection is the solution. This can be produced in two ways. Either as shrink splice protection using the oven integrated in all INNO Instrument splicing devices or as crimp splice protection. This fast and permanent seal offers three advantages:

Quick mounting

The splice is protected as quickly as possible in a single movement and without heating time.

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Universal application

  • Reliable protection against environmental influences

Extended splicer battery life

Since the absence of heating saves electricity, the resulting longer battery life allows a much greater number of splicing processes to be performed.

Can be retrofitted

A shrink splice protection must be placed over the fiber ends before welding. If this is forgotten, the entire process must be repeated. However, a crimp splice protection is applied after the splicing process.

ICT-01 Crimp press with workbench attached

With the ICT-01 crimping press, the splice protector can be positioned in the right center position of the fiber and pressed to the required measure. The splice is embedded in the permanently elastic mass of the splice protector and thus protected from environmental influences and relieved of strain.

  • Universal application for all fibers up to 250 μm

  • Corrosion resistance

  • No increase in attenuation

  • No use of chemicals

  • Ideal for use with the IWB-01/-02/-03/-04 workbench

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Product sheet ICT-01

Current product sheet “INNO Instrument ICT-01 crimp press splice protection”
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The crimping press ICT-01 is mounted with the opening upwards in the immediate vicinity of the welding device of the splicer. Workbenches adapted to the splicing device are perfectly suitable for this purpose.

For operation, the splice protector is inserted into the ICT-01 and the spliced fiber is placed in the V-groove. The splice protection is closed by pressing both thumbs over two clamping jaws. The splice is now optimally protected, e.g. to be placed in a splice cassette. Of course, we also offer universal splice protectors.

ICT-01 Crimp press: Splice protection in a blister
ICT-01 Crimp press: Splice protection in a blister



Crimping tool: Plastic and aluminium

Splice protection: Aluminium sheet and permanently elastic mass (PIB)

Splice protection fiber diameter

250 + 20 μm

Splice protection application temperature range

−5° C up to + 45° C

Splice protection operating temperature range

−20° C up to + 70° C

Mechanical protection requirements

Tension, push, shearing / bending, torsion, vibration, shock, temperature change, humidity


Inno Instrument Crimp-Presse: Ansicht von Oben
  • Crimping tool: 0.44 lbs (200 g)

  • Splice protection: 0.13 lbs (60 g / Packaging unit 150 pieces)

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