Service and Repair

for KWS devices

For our own products, we naturally offer the full range of services. All repairs to our equipment are carried out quickly and reliably. And you are also at the right address for regular calibration.

Retrofits are just as much a part of our service as repairs. Thanks to our well-known modular design, our equipment can always be upgraded to the latest technical standards. Whether DOCSIS 3.1, DAB or UHD, we have a simple solution for everything.

Questions and answers about service / repair KWS

As a manufacturer, we are obligated to repair every device up to 8 years after the end of its service life. Of course, we comply with this obligation. But we also repair older devices.

If you can’t do without your unit, you can make use of our device loan service—of course at preferential conditions. We will send you one of our devices and enclose a return slip for your unit. As soon as your repair, calibration or retrofit is completed, we will exchange the equipment again.

In principle, this is possible for certain assemblies and components, but not always. Just contact us. We will then find an individual solution.

A measuring instrument is a high precision tool. Even though measuring devices are of robust design, their internal workings are made up of very sensitive electronic components. With use and aging of the components, the device loses accuracy over time. This is quite normal and cannot be avoided.

During a calibration, your device is carefully cleaned, checked and readjusted. Thus, you can measure again with the same accuracy as on the first day.

We recommend a calibration at the latest after 12 to 24 months. If your device has been sent to us for repair or retrofitting, a final calibration is always performed.

In high frequency technology, the little things are crucial. During a repair, one component is removed and replaced by another. This means that there is a new assembly in the system, which can influence the measurement results. Therefore, it is necessary to recalibrate the entire system or device.

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