Current accessories

Combo measuring receiver / TV analyzer
VAROS 106 and 106 Optik

Functional bag with straps

The carrying case for the VAROS 106/106 Optic, which is available as an accessory, is really practical: It not only offers reliable device protection, but also enables problem-free operation of the measuring device. The large side flaps that can be opened provide access to all interfaces.

VAROS 106 equipment: Carrying case

Interference measurement

KWS Electronic offers the following accessories for measuring EMI:

  • EMI 240 · 301 MHz directional set with YAGI antenna, selective 301 MHz preamplifier, connection cable

  • EMI 241 · Leakage probe with built-in 301 MHz preamplifier

  • KFG 242 · Character Frequency generator (301.0–301.7 MHz) with adjustable identifier

  • DLE 70 · Laser rangefinders

Do you want to retrofit?

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Questions about the options?

If you have any questions about the modular options, our technical service staff will be happy to help you.