AMA 310 Basic / Complete D3.0


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Product sheet

Current product sheet AMA 310

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Manual AMA 310

With detailed specs (V00_21)

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Printout with Logo

Please find an example for a userdefined logo. The printout of an AMA 310 can be supplemented by adding this logo.

Using a drawing program you can change the file “Demologo.bmp” as requested. The text can be deleted in most cases with a tool called “Eraser”. Afterwards there is the possibility to add new text or an icon, for example.

The file type (file extension “.bmp”) and the horizontal resolution of 384 pixel has to be maintained. The height of the logo must not exceed the maximum of 384 pixel. Further information about how to use a userdefined logo for printout can be found in the operating manual for the AMA 310.

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Software update AMA 310

Download Version (Vxx_21i) EN as zip file.

We strongly recommend to use the supplied mini USB stick for the update!

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You can load a new firmware release onto your instrument at any time. Please pay attention to the users manual!

If you have any technical problems, feel free to contact us by e-mail—you will find the contact details here.

Software history

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 21

  • Option DOCSIS 3.1-Analyzer with DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem supported

  • Upstream-Monitoring-System UMS: Enhancement up to 20 field devices

  • SNMP-enhancement (MIB-Version V 2.8)

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 20

  • Option DOCSIS 3.1 Downstream (FPGA demodulator) supported

  • Primary/Secondary detection DOCSIS-Downstream for ScQAM and OFDM

  • SNMP enhancement (MIB-Version V 2.7)

  • Datalogger: automatic increment of filename

  • User-defined channel table supports DOCSIS 3.1-OFDM Downstream D-Channels

  • Bug Date / Time attachement of created files fixed

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 19

  • Improvements at UNICABLE and JESS

  • DataLogger measurement type “level only”

  • Additional D channels in channel table

  • DVB-S2: Improvements for PLS (Physical Layer Scrambling) and MIS (Multible Input Stream)

  • Option DRA

  • Remote access improved with SNMPv3 and FTP

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 18

  • Transport stream data rate measurement at DVB-S / S2 / C / T / T2 / DTMB and ASI input

  • File names serially numbered at hardcopy to bmp-file

  • Display of program name at analog TV extracted from videotext header

  • Improvements at UNICABLE and JESS

  • SNMP enhancement

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 17

  • Option HEVC und AVS+ is supported

  • DVB-S2: 16 / 32 APSK extension

  • DVB-T2: L1 Parameter extended, PLP Selection possible

  • Constellation diagram with DVB-T2 possible

  • DAB: Bit Error Rate measurement after Viterbi at DAB+ services

  • TV: Frequency extended to 1,214 MHz

  • DTMB: Automatic search function SingleCarrier / MultiCarrier implemented

  • JESS: Extension to 32 UB slots

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 16

  • Option 1.2 GHz is supported

  • Additonal Span 867 MHz in TV Analyzer for devices running up to 1,050 / 1,200 MHz

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 14

  • Option DTMB is supported

  • Display and printout of an LCN list possible

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 13

  • Speed-Test in the DOCSIS-3.0 analyzer possible

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 12

  • Option Optic is supported

  • Headend mode (depending up on the hardware-stand) = Return path measurement with VAROS 107 is possible as a transmitter

  • Hum measurement with DVB-C, DOCSIS, PRBS also in percent

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 11

  • Support the DOCSIS 3.0 option

  • Reception / Evaluation of QAM-PRBS in conjunction with VAROS 107 (upstream generator) activated (depending up on the hardware-stand)

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 10

  • Option DVB-T2 is supported

  • Hardcopy “LCD” can be attached with Hardcopy “Graphics”

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 09

  • New Unicable standard JESS programming of SAT outlets (hardware dependent)

  • Automatic tracing of SCR-ADRs in UNICABLE mode

  • Monitoring program up to one week

  • Modified handling of channel table with AMA.remote

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 08

  • Four user-defined UNICABLE databases

  • Tilt measurement in BK spectrum

  • AFC can be switched off in DVB-S / S2 (resolution 0.1 MHz)

  • NIT print from ASI is possible

  • LCN is readable with NIT (depending up on the hardware-stand)

  • Dynamic PMT can be activated (depending up on the hardware-stand)

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 07

  • The downstream capacity can be documented with DOCSIS (as well as in the data grabber)

  • Higher flexibility with the EMI measurement

  • Up to 200 measurements are recordable

  • Measurementdepth from the Bit error measurement EURO DOCSIS and QAM up to e-9 possible

  • Upstream frequency for ranging is selectable

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 06

  • Level measurement in dBmV and dBm

  • Reception settings for DVB-C and DOCSIS are adjustable

  • Six user defined headers by print-out

  • MAX-Hold-Function in all analyzer ranges

  • Subtitles by DVB (depending up on the hardware-stand)

  • Warning by software downgrade

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 05

  • Electro magnetic interference measurement possible (optional)

  • DOCSIS 2.0 analyzer with Ping-Test (optional)

  • A logo and 3 user-defined lines can be integrated by print out

  • Channel table B / G: S4 adjusted.

  • User-defined channel table can be processed and charged with the AMA.remote

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 04

  • Highpass Filter for the S2 / 3 measurement is switchable

  • Data from the built in Flash Memory can easily be exported on to the USB-Stick

  • Phase jitter measurement is possible with level information in DVB-C and DOCSIS (but for this function the instrument must come into the factory)

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 03

  • SNMP connection optional is possible

  • Graphic Measurement Data Recording (DataGrabber)

  • Automatic input memory function

  • Print-out of singular Measurements

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