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KM 06
Combo measurement device

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Product sheet

Current product sheet KM 06

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Configuration library ASTRA

Attention! Please do not open in Excel or other Spreadsheet application, because then there can occur errors regarding the file format!

For loading the configuration into the device, you have to copy the files CONF.CSV, SAT.CSV and TER.CSV into the root directory of an USB-Stick. Afterwards load the configuration of the default library and lists into the device via Configuration and import Configuration.

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Download zip archive now

Software update KM 06

Download version (V2.3) DE as a zip archive.

We strongly recommend using the supplied mini USB stick for the update!

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You can update your measuring device with new software (firmware release). Please note the operating instructions!

If you have any technical problems, you can contact us by email–you can find the contact person here.

Device already registered?

If you own a KWS device and have not yet registered it with us, you should secure the service benefits …