HE 310

Manual HE 310

Dear customers,

since the HE 310 is a highly configurable device, it is not possible to write a general operating manual. If necessary, please contact our service department or our sales department.

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Software update HE 310

Download version (Vxx_21i) EN as a zip archive.

We strongly recommend to use the supplied mini USB stick for the update!

Download zip archive now

You can download a new firmware release onto the instrument at any time. Please pay attention to the users manual!

If you have any technical problems, feel free to contact by e-mail—you will find the contact details here.

Software history

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 21

  • Option DOCSIS 3.1-Analyzer with DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem supported

  • Upstream-Monitoring-System UMS: Enhancement up to 20 field devices

  • SNMP-enhancement (MIB-Version V 2.8)

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 20

  • Option DOCSIS 3.1 Downstream (FPGA demodulator) supported

  • Primary/Secondary detection DOCSIS-Downstream for ScQAM and OFDM

  • SNMP enhancement (MIB-Version V 2.7)

  • Datalogger: automatic increment of filename

  • User-defined channel table supports DOCSIS 3.1-OFDM Downstream D-Channels

  • Bug Date / Time attachement of created files fixed

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 19

  • Improvements at UNICABLE and JESS

  • DataLogger measurement type “level only”

  • Additional D channels in channel table

  • DVB-S2: Improvements for PLS (Physical Layer Scrambling) and MIS (Multible Input Stream)

  • Option DRA

  • Remote access improved with SNMPv3 and FTP

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 18

  • Transport stream data rate measurement at DVB-S / S2 / C / T / T2 / DTMB and ASI input

  • File names serially numbered at hardcopy to bmp-file

  • Display of program name at analog TV extracted from videotext header

  • Improvements at UNICABLE and JESS

  • SNMP enhancement

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 17

  • Option HEVC und AVS+ is supported

  • DVB-S2: 16 / 32 APSK extension

  • DVB-T2: L1 Parameter extended, PLP Selection possible

  • Constellation diagram with DVB-T2 possible

  • DAB: Bit Error Rate measurement after Viterbi at DAB+ services

  • TV: Frequency extended to 1,214 MHz

  • DTMB: Automatic search function SingleCarrier / MultiCarrier implemented

  • JESS: Extension to 32 UB slots

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 16

  • Option 1.2 GHz is supported

  • Additonal Span 867 MHz in TV Analyzer for devices running up to 1,050 / 1,200 MHz

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 14

  • Option DTMB is supported

  • Display and printout of an LCN list possible

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 13

  • Speed-Test in the DOCSIS-3.0 analyzer possible

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 12

  • Option Optic is supported

  • Headend mode (depending up on the hardware-stand) = Return path measurement with VAROS 107 is possible as a transmitter

  • Hum measurement with DVB-C, DOCSIS, PRBS also in percent

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 11

  • Support the DOCSIS 3.0 option

  • Reception / Evaluation of QAM-PRBS in conjunction with VAROS 107 (upstream generator) activated (depending up on the hardware-stand)

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 10

  • Option DVB-T2 is supported

  • Hardcopy “LCD” can be attached with Hardcopy “Graphics”

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 09

  • New Unicable standard JESS programming of SAT outlets (hardware dependent)

  • Automatic tracing of SCR-ADRs in UNICABLE mode

  • Monitoring program up to one week

  • Modified handling of channel table with AMA.remote

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 08

  • Four user-defined UNICABLE databases

  • Tilt measurement in BK spectrum

  • AFC can be switched off in DVB-S / S2 (resolution 0.1 MHz)

  • NIT print from ASI is possible

  • LCN is readable with NIT (depending up on the hardware-stand)

  • Dynamic PMT can be activated (depending up on the hardware-stand)

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 07

  • The downstream capacity can be documented with DOCSIS (as well as in the data grabber)

  • Higher flexibility with the EMI measurement

  • Up to 200 measurements are recordable

  • Measurementdepth from the Bit error measurement EURO DOCSIS and QAM up to e-9 possible

  • Upstream frequency for ranging is selectable

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 06

  • Level measurement in dBmV and dBm

  • Reception settings for DVB-C and DOCSIS are adjustable

  • Six user defined headers by print-out

  • MAX-Hold-Function in all analyzer ranges

  • Subtitles by DVB (depending up on the hardware-stand)

  • Warning by software downgrade

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 05

  • Electro magnetic interference measurement possible (optional)

  • DOCSIS 2.0 analyzer with Ping-Test (optional)

  • A logo and 3 user-defined lines can be integrated by print out

  • Channel table B / G: S4 adjusted.

  • User-defined channel table can be processed and charged with the AMA.remote

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 04

  • Highpass Filter for the S2 / 3 measurement is switchable

  • Data from the built in Flash Memory can easily be exported on to the USB-Stick

  • Phase jitter measurement is possible with level information in DVB-C and DOCSIS (but for this function the instrument must come into the factory)

AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS, HE 310 V .. 03

  • SNMP connection optional is possible

  • Graphic Measurement Data Recording (DataGrabber)

  • Automatic input memory function

  • Print-out of singular Measurements

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