June 17th 2021

VAROS Connect—the future of measurement technology

KWS presented a completely new generation of measurement technology at last week’s ANGA COM Digital: The VAROS Connect device series is the next logical step towards the future of measurement.

The significant difference between VAROS Connect and existing KWS measurement devices is the separation of measuring technology on the one hand and its operation on the other—as the latter is carried out by a browser application on any WLAN-capable end device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

This opens up a wide range of variations in hardware design and offers almost unlimited possibilities for networking with other hardware or integration into modern measurement systems.

The market launch of the first VAROS Connect models is planned for the second half of 2021, and by 2022 the device family will be complete with four members: with or without optical receiver, with or without DOCSIS 3.1 modem.

Discover these new possibilities for yourself. We will accompany you into the future of measurement technology!