Project Description

October 20th 2017 –

Updates and new manuals for VAROS 106 and VAROS 107

In addition to many minor improvements and optimizations, the following major innovations have been introduced in version 10a (VAROS 107) and 03a (VAROS 106):

D-channel functionality

Due to the analog switch-off in many CATV networks (e. g. Unitymedia), the B/G channel table stored in our devices can no longer be used. The entire channel plan now typically only contains 8 MHz digital channels. There are two name conventions for the channels in the VAROS 106/107.

On the one hand classical S- and C-channels and on the other hand D-channels (e. g. D650 instead of C43, D114 instead of S2). With AMA.remote, each customer can create a channel table with a classic channel names. For the D-channels this is not yet possible via the AMA.remote.

Please contact our service, if you need an updated channel table, we will send it to you. The possibility to create D-channel tables as usual with AMA.remote will be implemented soon. We will keep you informed.

Blind scan

As with the AMA 310, it is now also possible in the handheld devices to have the channel assignment or the channel plan automatically generated by the meter in the CATV frequency range. The scan can include ATV, DVB-C, Euro- and US-DOCSIS signals.

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LCN table

Up to 512 entries can now be displayed in the LCN table.

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