With the M+ and View X devices, a new generation of splicing devices is emerging. In addition to the well-known and proven compact layout, the devices also come with a number of new features.

In addition to many small details, all devices have been equipped with new processors as the heart of fast and precise splicing processes. This improves fiber detection in particular, which significantly reduces splicing time. In Quick Mode, splices are possible in 4 seconds—in Auto mode in 5. In addition, all devices can be operated with an IoT card in order to conveniently manage the data and the current status of the device in the View Pro Management Cloud.

KWS Electronic News 2024: M7+ Splicer

M7+ cladding alignment fusion splicer

The extremely compact design enables a very low weight (1.49 kg). This makes the device ideal for mobile use. Above all, many individual splices in different locations become much easier. As a cladding alignment splicer, it is also extremely inexpensive.

KWS Electronic News 2024: M9+ Splicer

M9+ core alignment fusion splicer

Like the M7+, the compact design is the big advantage here. However, as a core-centering device it is suitable for all tasks and corresponds to the ZTV-TK Netz 48. This makes it an inexpensive all-purpose weapon in broadband expansion. Tasks in the NE4 in particular are perfect for the compact but highly precise device.

KWS Electronic News 2024: View 3X Splicer

View 3X cladding alignment fusion splicer

As the successor to the View 3 Pro, the View 3X comes with a generous battery, as befits its status, and leaves nothing to be desired with the V12 Cleaver in the accessories. This means that even high numbers of splices are quick, precise and self-sufficient. The cladding alignment makes it a cost-effective alternative to the core alignment models.

KWS Electronic News 2024: View 8X Splicer

View 8X core alignment fusion splicer

The flagship from Inno Instrument impresses with a battery capacity of 9,000 mAh, which enables 500 splicing and heating cycles. Combined with the extremely short splicing time and the extensive scope of delivery, this splicing device leaves nothing to be desired.

KWS Electronic News 2024: V12 Fiber cleaver

V12 fiber cleaver

The new V12 fiber cleaver offers all the amenities a modern cleaver needs: breaking counter, an automatically rotating knife, an automatic fiber feeder and a magnetic and replaceable fiber holder.

KWS Electronic News 2024: V1 precision fiber cleaver

V12 fiber cleaver

The INNO V1 handheld fiber cleaver is a compact, efficient tool designed for simplicity and ease of use. It features a durable, compact design that improves fiber visibility and ensures precise cleaving.