Project Description

8th November 2018 –

From January 1st, 2018: New KWS factory building in Tattenhausen/Germany

A multi-year process is now coming to a positive conclusion. On January 1st, 2018 KWS Electronic will move into the new company building in Tattenhausen.

The current company building was built in 1965 and has been successively expanded in several phases. As a result, a building developed that can only be adapted to the requirements of a modern and innovative company with big effort. The poor energy efficiency did the rest to speed up our decision in favor of a new building.

The focus at the new location is on lean production. The aim was to adapt the spatial conditions as perfectly as possible to the material and information flow, but still remain flexible. For this purpose, all productive areas were brought together on one floor level – smaller rooms were merged to form larger, functional units. The new company building at Raiffeisenstrasse 9 in Tattenhausen has an area of almost 1500 square meters.

When choosing the construction method, we paid attention to sustainability and flexibility, and we therefore chose wood frame construction. Compared with a conventional construction method in brick, our new KWS building will have a much lower energy requirement and thus conserve resources on a sustainable basis. In addition, the use of wood as a building material removes and stores more than 500 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere permanently. This compensates for the CO2 emissions of 10 households for 20 years.

The construction creates a better room and working atmosphere especially for our employees. Many large windows bring light and air into all rooms, the open design promotes communication among our employees.

Necessary changes can be realized quickly and with little effort in the new building. Also for future extensions is enough space available. With the new company building, KWS has also created the basis for a further positive development. The new company building is a milestone for improved competitiveness.

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