July 8th 2019

On to new shores—KWS with a well-attended trade fair appearance at the ANGA COM

Successful trade fair presentation ANGA COM 2019

You could hear the sigh of relief from customers and users when they found KWS again at the same location. The newly designed trade fair appearance was well received. It is important for users that they can rely on the measurement technology specialists from Upper Bavaria in the future as well. The reorientation and restructuring of KWS following the known turbulence in 2018 has been successful, and the cooperation with the partners in the AND Solution partnership is working excellently.

New hits presented

In addition to the integrated DOCSIS 3.1 modem (VAROS 107 and AMA 310) and the high-quality real-time downstream measurement (AMA 310), there were other new features at the KWS booth.

Another new feature is the optional web connection via a built-in web server in VAROS 107 to the planning and documentation program AND. With new VAROS 107 devices this functionality is installed free of charge, in already delivered VAROS 107 this web server can be retrofitted.

The connection to AND above all simplifies documentation and error analysis and makes the workflow more time-consuming and therefore more cost-efficient. The communication between the terminal (eg. a tablet), on which the WebAccess client is running, and the VAROS 107 takes place via WLAN. The terminal can directly start the measurement of a channel table stored in the AND. The measured values can be stored on the AND server directly with one click without intermediate steps. Furthermore, a target/actual comparison of the measured data is displayed, which is intended to protect the user from misinterpretations and to verify the measured data.

In addition, KWS has expanded its portfolio with Inno Instruments products. These devices were shown to the professional audience for the first time at this year’s ANGA COM, the interest was expected large. Inno Instruments is a manufacturer of high quality OTDR’s and splicers in different price and performance classes. KWS will integrate the Inno Instruments program into its range of services in order to be more effective in the field of optical transmission in the future.

Of course, this also includes the necessary accessories such as Cleaver, microscopes or other tools and aids. As well as a KWS-typical, comprehensive service and training offer. In any case, KWS is convinced of the course it has taken. Proof of this was also the great interest shown by the customers and users in Cologne, who acknowledged this new course.

Impressions ANGA COM 2019