Project Description

July 22th 2019 –

KWS signs partnership with Inno Instrument.

In the middle of the year, KWS entered into a partnership with the emerging South Korean company Inno Instrument. Inno Instrument is a manufacturer of high-quality splicing technology and OTDRs.

In the future, KWS will offer its customers solutions in all areas of transmission technology. Consequently, a strong partner was sought for the hitherto little-covered field of fiber optic technology and found with Inno Instrument. Characteristic of the products of Inno Instrument are—as with our own—the highest quality standards. For the high-quality processing of all devices, we and our partner are warranted for a period of 3 years.

Fiber optic technology will play a major role in signal transmission in the future. In addition to the previous use for the routes, as a backbone of the networks, the fiber will also approach ever closer to the end points. As a result, in addition to coaxial technology, the fiber optic area will be a required standard in the future, which will affect more and more companies.

In addition to the hitherto typical application for track construction—mainly for the German Telekom—increasingly the last mile or the in-house installation will be realized wholly or partly in fiberglass. For each of the different applications there is the right solution in the product range of Inno Instrument. Starting with View 1’s coat centering splicer for the last mile or house installation to the core-centering View 8+, which is certified by Deutsche Telekom for track construction, we can meet any desired splice technology requirement.

The OTDRs also come with several different models that can assist you with the acceptance and documentation of built routes in any situation, as well as allow easy and quick localization of possible errors.

All products are united by the highest standards of quality and technology, as well as an extremely high level of user-friendliness.

KWS-Electronic News 2019: Inno Instrument View 8+

In addition to the products, we are also available to our customers here with the usual service and support. Possible repairs and upgrades, as well as the telephone assistance in case of problems are carried out on site in Tattenhausen. Likewise, from the end of the year we will also be offering training in the field of fiber optic technology.

We are happy to answer your questions about fiber optics and advise you on the various new products.

Regarding your inquiry, Ms Kathrin Dirscherl is looking forward to help.