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View 12R—World’s most accurate & fastest ribbon splicer.

View 12R, a ribbon splicer with a fully motorized clamp alignment system, is the most powerful and modern ribbon splicer on the market—and he meets all the requirements of the “ZTV-TK Netz” and is therefore suitable for all work in the Deutsche Telekom network.

Its advanced automatic clamp alignment system provides accurate and reliable splicing of ribbon fibers up to 12 fibers with double-tapping (zoom in & out) and scrolling to the world‘s highest magnification of 250 × for the ribbon splicer. The View 12R offers maximum working efficiency thanks to its splicing and rapid heating time, ultra-high battery capacity of 220 splicing / heating cycles and universal support for 250 μm and 900 μm single fiber.

The View 12R guarantees our valued customers a highly reliable work experience.

  • Motorized clamp alignment system

  • The highest magnificationand resolution

  • Double tap (zoom in & out)

  • The fastest working time

  • 5″ LCD color touch screen

  • Ultra-high capacity battery

  • Universal single fiber holder

  • Suitable for working in the Deutsche Telekom network

Inno Instrument View 12R: Waterproof, anti shock and dustproof
Inno Instrument View 12R: Thermal stripper spezialized for ribbon fiber cable

Hot Stripper

Long lasting thermal stripper specialized for ribbon fiber cable (1—12 cable). Fast working time (Heating: typical 5 sec).

Motorized clamp alignment system

View 12R‘s advanced clamp activates according to the position of the fiber so that each individual fiber core is correctly placed on its affected V-groove. There is no doubt that this process allows for accurate and reliable splicing.

Inno Instrument View 12R: Motorized clamp alignment system
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Product sheet View 12R

Current product sheet “Inno Instrument View 12R ribbon splicer”.

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Inno Instrument View 12R: Device overview



View 12R


167 H × 143 W × 163 D (including rubber bumper)


1.98 kg (without battery) / 2.64 kg (with battery)

Number of fiber

1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Applicable fibers

SM (ITU-T G.652 & G.657) / MM (ITU-T G.651) / DS (ITU-T G.653) / NZDS (ITU-T G.655)

Compatible fiber / cable

Ribbon: 0.25—0.4 mm / Single 250 μm & 900 μm

Cleaved length

10—13 mm

Cladding diameter

125 μm

Splicing mode

Maximum 100 modes

Heating mode

Maximum 32 modes

Typical splice loss

SM: 0.05 dB / MM: 0.02 dB / DS: 0.08 dB / NZDS: 0.08 dB (ITU-T Standard)

Return loss

›› 60 dB


3 white LEDs

Splicing time

Ribbon fiber: 15 seconds / Single fiber: 9 seconds

Estimated splice loss


Heating sleeve length

60 mm, 50 mm, 40 mm, Micro

Heating time

Typical 20 seconds

Results storage

The last 5,000 results (Values + photos)

Tention test

1.96—2.25 N

Operating condition

Operating altitude: 0—3,660 m above sea level / 0—95 % relative humidity / −10—50 °C / Max. wind 15 m/s

Storage condition

0—95 % relative humidity / −40—80 °C


90° bi-directional view, 5.0″ High resolution color display

Fiber view & magnification

X, Y, XY, X/Y: 250 × magnification

Power supply

AC Input 100—240 V, DC Input 9—14 V

No. of splice & heating with battery

9,000 mAh battery capacity / Typical 220 times (Splice + heat)

Operating methods

Button / Touch screen

Automatic calibration

Automatic arc calibration by air pressure and temperature

Electrode life

3,000 arcs, can be extended by using an electrode grinder


USB Type-C

Weight and dimensions

Inno Instrument View 12R: Dimensions
  • Height: 6.57″ (167 mm)

  • Width: 5.62″ (143 mm)

  • Depth: 6.41″(163 mm)

  • Weight: 4.36 lbs (1.98 kg without battery)

Delivery contents

  • Fusion splicer View 12R

  • High precision cleaver V7+

  • Thermal stripper TS-Plus

  • Fiber holder
    12 ribbons: FH-12L / FH-12R
    8 ribbons: FH-8L / FH-8R
    4 ribbons: FH-4L / FH-4R
    Single: FH-250L / FH-250R, FH-900L / FH-900R
    SOC holder: FH-SOC-R

  • SOC heater cover HT-SOC

  • AC adapter JS-180300, Both for View 12R and thermal stripper (TS-Plus)

  • Cooling tray CG-22

  • Electrode E-50

  • Electrode grinder EG-18

  • Battery pack LBT-30

  • Power cable ACC-25

  • USB cable CZA-01 / CTD-01

  • Protection sleeves PS-12R-40

  • V-groove cleaning brush CB-01

  • Carrying case NBX-35

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Manual View 12R

Current manual “Inno Instrument View 12 ribbon splicer”.

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