VAROS 109/109 Optic Basics
assistant modes/wizards 109
Specifications 109
Downloads 109

Available downloads for VAROS 109 and VAROS 109 Optic.

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Product sheet

Current product sheet VAROS 109

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Download PDF now

Manual VAROS 109

With detailed specs (V10_02)

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SAT lists VAROS 109/106

Download current SAT Lists as zip file (Version 2021-11-03).
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You can transfer the newest SAT lists with the USB-stick which has been provided. This SAT list is suited for the receive in Central Europe. Please pay attention to the users manual! Current SAT-Scan-Lists as PDF – Read me

If you have any technical problems, feel free to contact by e-mail – you will find the contact details here.

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Software update VAROS 109

Download Version (Vxx_10h) EN as zip file.

We strongly recommend to use the supplied mini USB stick for the update!

Download zip file now

You can load a new firmware release onto your instrument at any time. Please pay attention to the users manual!

If you have any technical problems, feel free to contact us by e-mail – you will find the contact details here.

Software history

VAROS 109 V .. 10

  • Assistant modes (wizards) for installing satellite dishes and for a signal quality checks on antenna wall outlets

VAROS 109 V .. 09

  • Disable AFC-Function to show df

  • Programming via DiSEqC-Sequence

VAROS 109 V .. 08

  • 10 symbol rates to store

  • Transport-Stream-ID and OriginalNetwork-ID in Program-Details and NIT

  • NIT-Version

VAROS 109 V .. 07

  • UNICABLE extended to 8 banks

  • Antenna wall outlet programming extended to 32 UBs

  • JESS extended to 24 UBs

  • Continuous wave tones for JESS are shown

  • Integrated chinese character set for MPEG

  • Ultra-HD services are shown in the service list

  • Service IDs are shown in the “program properties”

  • Display of the noise margin is possible

  • MER or C/N is adjustable

VAROS 109 V .. 06

  • Option optic with microscope is supported

  • Software option constellation diagram

  • Internal memory for hardcopy is available

VAROS 109 V .. 05

  • Status message in the datalogger operation

VAROS 109 V .. 04

  • The way to count from the Unicable user bands has been changed

  • Packet error measurement added

VAROS 109 V .. 03

  • UNICABLE from two to four banks advanced

  • Bank names editable

  • Dynamic PMT

  • Hardcopy function for analyzer and level measurement possible

  • New unicable standard JESS programming of SAT outlets

VAROS 109 V .. 02

  • SAT SCAN-function has been upgraded with ANALYZER SCAN

  • Colour saturation and colour temperature is adjustable

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