V 20—Fiber microscope.

The fiber microscope is mainly used to check if the end face of the fiber is clean. With the ability to display a clear image and the double amplification function, the V 20 is able to analyze the cleanliness of the fiber end face.

The portable fiber microscope allows the inspection of the fiber’s face. Available in 200 (μm) × or 360 (μm) × magnification.

  • Test report

  • S/W program to use with PC

  • Pass / fail result

  • Image magnification

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Product sheet V 20

Current product sheet “Inno Instrument V 20 fiber microscope”.

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Importance of a clean connector end interface.

It is essential to use self-analysis software to test the connector and evaluate its quality during commissioning and installation of the fiber. It is very important to save the verification records of the connector for future reference. The end-to-end verification can be performed by combining the connector test with the fiber verification. The following test images are displayed.

Inno Instrument V20 test image: Passed


Inno Instrument V20 stest image: Failed


Patchcord Tip Adapters

Inno Instrument V20: 2.5 mm ferrules APC

2.5 mm ferrules / APC

Inno Instrument V20: 2.5 mm ferrules UPC

2.5 mm ferrules / UPC

Inno Instrument V20: 1.25 mm ferrules APC

1.25 mm ferrules / APC

Inno Instrument V20: 1.25 mm ferrules UPC

1.25 mm ferrules / UPC

Convenient test capability with PC software.

Such software is installed on a PC, easily connected via a USB 2.0 interface. This makes the operation more convenient. The results can be analyzed by the following procedure: connecting the optical fiber to the device, adjusting the sharpness and then tapping “screenshot”.

Inno Instrument V20 software: User interface
Inno Instrument V20 software: Take a screenshot
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V20 PC software

Download version 2.5 as Zip (33.5 MB)

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Technical specifications


3.2 μm

Image sensor

640 × 480 (VGA)

Visual test

< 5 μm

View angle

200 μm × 200 μm of high magnification / 360 μm × 360 μm of low magnification

Light source

Blue LED

Luminance technique

Coaxial light source

Digital zoom

3 grades


USB 2.0

Operating / Storage temperature

−10° C to 50° C / −40° C to 70 °C

Patchcord Tip Adapters

2.5 mm (UPC, APC), 1.25 mm (UPC, APC)

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Manual V20

Current manual “Inno Instrument V 20 fiber microscope”.

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Size and weight

Inno Instrument V20: Dimensions
  • Height: 1.33 inches (34 mm)

  • Width: 5.90 inches (150 mm)

  • Depth: 1.37 inches (35 mm)

  • Weight: 0.37 pounds (168 grams)

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