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V11 High-precision single & ribbon fiber cleaver

The V11 is a high-precision tool for precise fiber cutting. Thanks to its universal holder, it can be used for single fibers from 160 μm to 900 μm, cables from 2–3 mm and branch cables as well as ribbon fiber cables with up to 16 fibers. The V11 is designed for highly productive use with a collector for fiber shards and remnants and a blade life of up to 60,000 cutting operations with easy blade position selection.

The ergonomics have also been significantly improved. Whereas until now all processing operations had to be carried out in succession, the V11 does a lot of things automatically: when the cleaver is closed, the fiber is cut, the cut-off is safely fed to the collector and the closure returns to its original position. This saves time and leaves no room for errors.

Inno Instrument V11 cleacer: Open view from top

High-precision cutting for fibers up to 900 μm, 2–3 mm and branch cables as well as ribbon fiber cables. Durable blade life of up to 60,000 fiber cleaves without replacement.

  • With universal holder and fiber shard collector

  • Suitable for single and ribbon cleaving up to 12 fibers

  • Easy to use

  • Automatic blade rotation and real-time counter

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Product sheet V11 cleaver

Current product sheet Inno Instrument V11 cleaver.

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  • Automatic blade rotation with 30 positions (for 2,000 cutting operations each)

  • Real-time counter for number of cuts

  • With maintenance tool (attached to the bottom of the housing)

Inno Instrument V11 cleacer: Automatic blade rotation
Inno Instrument V11 cleacer: Real-time counter for number of cuts



Single fiber and ribbon fiber cables

Cladding diameter

125 μm

Usable fiber types

Single fiber: 160 μm to 900 μm, 2–3 mm and branch cables

Ribbon fiber cables: 2 to 16 fibers

Cleaved Length

Single fiber: 5–24 mm (Diameter incl. protective coating ≤ 250 μm)
10–20 mm (Diameter incl. protective coating > 250 μm)

Ribbon fiber cables: 10 mm

Typical cleaved angle

Single fiber: 0.3–0.8 degrees

Ribbon fiber cables: 0.3–1.0 degrees

Typical blade life

Total 60,000 cutting operations (30 positions for 2,000 cuts each)


Universal holder for single fibers / Replaceable holder for ribbon fiber cables


Lithium button cell CR1220

Operating temperature

−10–50° C (Relative air humidity up to 95 %)

Storage temperature

−40–80° C (Relative air humidity up to 95 %)


Inno Instrument V11 cleacer: Items included
  • Height: 2.05″ (52 mm)

  • Width: 4.29″ (109 mm)/4.13″ (105 mm)
    (with collector/with faceplate)

  • Depth: 4.13″ (105 mm)/3.43″ (87 mm)
    (with collector/with faceplate)

  • Weight: 0.54 lbs (245 g)/0.49 lbs (220 g)
    (with collector/with faceplate)

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