Kronback X16/KWS and VAROS 107 Upstream-Monitoring-System.

Fast internet services, VoIP, online gaming … an interferencefree return path is essential for a high-quality broadband DOCSIS connection. The combination of a special KWS version of the real time X16 Kronback Tracer spectrum analyser in the headend and the successful portable TV analyzer VAROS 107 as a field device provides a system that ensures high signal quality in the upstream frequency range.

Communication between the field device …

and headend unit is bi-directional and uses the coaxial or HFC network currently being measured. As such, no Internet connection is required. All real time spectral measurement parameters of the headend are displayed on the field device.

KWS-Electronic X16/KWS Upstream-Monitoring-System

The 16 inputs of the headend device, its small size (19”/1 RU), the option to cascade up to 16 such units, and the possibility of measuring with multiple handheld devices simultaneously in the field, provide for sufficient flexibility even in large networks.

Numerous measurement and adjustment aids and an automated measurement and report generation complete this powerful system.

1 VAROS 107 (CATV measuring receiver) measurement possibilities

  • Real time display of the Kronback X16/KWS measured spectrum

  • VAROS 107 signalling option via the return channel in order to select the input channel on X16/KWS for the display range

  • Cascade diagram representation

  • Measurement of the frequency response in the return path (sweeping)

  • Comfortable adjustment of the in-house return path amplifiers

  • Automatic measurement with protocol generation in XML format

  • Ranging in reference level (specified by headend device)

2 X16/KWS device

Up to 16 X16 devices (256 input channels) can be cascaded. Each X16 device provides 16 input channels for:

  • Spectrum display in real time (5–85 MHz)

  • Cascade diagram

  • Long-term recording of the cascade diagram for fault tracing

  • Ingress detection with real time spectrum or cascade diagram

KWS-Electronic X16/KWS UMS: Illustration system

3 Using a Web interface …

to display the following on lap tops and mobile devices:

  • Spectrum data of each return channel in real time

  • Long-term monitoring of the spectrum data for each single return channel as cascade diagram

4 To transfer the data …

to the VAROS 107 field devices, an MPEG-2 data stream via Ethernet (RTP) is issued. In the headend equipment this can then be mixed in a DVB-C channel (as a separate data service).


Hybrid Fiber Coax Network: Optical and coax cable distribution network for downstream and upstream from the headend to the subscriber.

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