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TS-Plus—Long-lasting thermal stripper for ribbon fiber cable.

TS-Plus is developed as a dedicated stripper mainly for fiber ribbon cables with thermal heating. Thanks to its simple and fast operation, anyone can perform clear stripping with virtually no failure. It is a very stable tool with a natural grip and a compact design. Easy to use by hand, it offers long-lasting battery capacity: about 500 times the stripping of glass fibre cables. TS-PLUS is of waterproof design, meeting the requirement of first level waterproof KS.

TS-PLUS is INNO Instrument‘s new thermal hand stripper installed with a heater to strip flat cable sheath up to 12 fibers. With this unparalleled device, comfort of use in the FTTx field and working in a difficult environment are ensured.

  • Dedicated stripper for ribbon fiber cable

  • Hand-held type stripper

  • World’s fastest heating time of 4 sec

  • Long lasting battery: Approx. 500 times with a full charged battery

  • Simple operation

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Product sheet TS-Plus

Current product sheet “Inno Instrument TS-Plus thermal stripper”.

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How to use

Inno Instrument TS-Plus: How to use step 1

Turn on the TS-Plus and choose a proper mode and temperature.

Inno Instrument TS-Plus: How to use step 2

Place the fibre holder, close the cover and stick the part of the fibre holder to the main body.

Inno Instrument TS-Plus: How to use step 3

Press cover and wait until temperature light flickers and beeps.

Inno Instrument TS-Plus: How to use step 4

Pull the holder section out of the main body and open the holder part to check the stripped fiber.


Fiber material

Silica glass

Coating material

UV cured resin

Coating thickness

Single fiber: 0.25 ~ 0.4 mm, 2 to 12, Ribbon fiber: 0.3 ~ 0.4 mm

Cladding diameter

125 μm

Coating removal length

max. 30 mm

Heating mode

Normal mode / Power save mode

Temperature settings

Normal mode: approx. 80° C, 95° C, 110° C, 130° C

Power save mode: approx. 70° C, 80° C, 95° C, 110° C

Fiber holder type

FH-2, FH-4, FH-6, FH-8, FH-10, FH-12, FH-250, FH-900

Power supply method

1) AC drive: AC100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz

2) DIN port: DC 12 V power supplied from fusion splicer

Operating condition

Temperature: 0° C~40° C / Humidity: 0 % ~ 95 %

Applicable fiber type

Single fiber: 250 μm, 900 μm, 3.0 mm fiber cable and flat cable

Ribbon fiber: 2 to 12 ribbon fiber cable

Heating time

Approx. 4 ~ 5 sec at normal mode

Approx. 5 ~ 6 sec at save mode

Battery capacity

Approx. 500 stripping with 12 ribbon fiber with a full charged battery

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Manual TS-Plus

Current manual “Inno Instrument TS-Plus thermal stripper”.

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Size and weight

Inno Instrument TS-Plus: Dimensions
  • Height: 1.33 inches (34 mm)

  • Width: 5.47 inches (139 mm)

  • Depth: 1.33 inches (34 mm)

  • Weight: 0.66 pounds with battery (302 grams)
    0.57 pounds without battery (260 grams)

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