KWS Data Log Joiner.

This program joins measurement series – which were generated using data logger – together to form a single large table. To be more precise, it copies the results of the individual measurement series together in a separate table and saves them.


  • After clicking the »Add files« button a dialogue opens that lets you select one or more files. Here you can choose the data logger files (*. Xml) that are to be combined into one table.

  • The selected files are added by clicking OK. You can repeat this step as often as necessary, for example when files are in different folders.

  • After clicking »Empty list« all files are removed from the list and you can select new files.

  • The »Save as« button is used to select the path and file name under which the newly created table is to be saved.

  • The extension .xml is automatically appended to the file name if you have not entered it yourself.

  • The process is started by pressing the »Start« button. A message appears upon completion.

Download zip file

Data Log Joiner

Download version 3.1 as zip file.

Download zip file

If you have any technical problems, feel free to contact us by e-mail – you will find the contact details here.

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