Service and Repair SPAUN devices

Service and repair for SPAUN devices

After SPAUN went out of business, the renowned multiswitch expert from Singen on Lake Constance, KWS decided to offer a repair service for the entire product range. Thanks to our knowledge in the RF field, we can quickly get SPAUN products back in working order. Whether is a multiswitch, a modulator or an amplifier: many products are found in existing installations. With a small repair, the system can continue to function without problems.

In addition to repairs, calibrations can also be performed on SPAROS series measuring instruments. Unfortunately, retrofits are no longer possible.

Questions and answers about service / repair SPAUN devices

In principle, all devices can be repaired. However, as SPAUN is unfortunately no longer active, it may not be possible to find a replacement for one or another specific part.

In most cases, however, the failure is in one of the installed electronic components. Which we have or can obtain. And already your device is back in working order.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service for the SPAUN product range.

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