Service and Repair INNO devices

Service and repair for INNO devices

You are also in good hands with us when it comes to the service of all INNO Instrument devices—after all, we are not just a distributor, but a partner. You can therefore count on our usual solid service, with sound advice, personal contact, fast turnaround, equipment loan service, etc. The quality of our service is officially certified by INNO Instrument.

Please note our instructions regarding calibration, repairs, etc., which also apply to INNO Instrument devices.

Organizational questions and answers about service / repair

In principle, we repair all splicing equipment and OTDRs.

Since we also have the OTDRs and splicers in our active program, we can offer you a loan device here at any time.

The splicer is equipped with a high precision mechanism that centers and aligns the fibers with pinpoint accuracy. To ensure that it works at all times and in all situations, the manufacturer recommends regular calibration.

The manufacturer recommends that you have the unit calibrated every 12 to 24 months at the latest.

The sensors and the alignment mechanics of the fiber ends are essentially calibrated. The device is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned at the same time—in other words, a calibration with customer service.

As is often the case: It depends! Depending on the device, a modular design is provided or not. In the current portfolio, retrofits are possible for the View 600. However, it is not possible to integrate any number of wavelengths into an OTDR. An overview of the available modules can be found here.

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