Project Description

April 10th 2017 –

New updates version 18g for TV analyzer AMA 310

For the TV analyzer AMA 310 a firmware update as well as a new MIB (V2.5) is now available. Apart from some improvements in the fields of UNICABLE, UNICABLE II (JESS) and SNMP, the device can now measure the transport stream data rate with all digital modulation as well as on the ASI input. This can be done locally or remote via SNMP. For this an update of the MPEG decoder is necessary.

With this upgrade the new firmware also supports an input data rate on the ASI interface of 160 MBit/s (instead of 55 MBit/s). When storing a screenshot the file names are now provided with an index, which is incremented automatically. Thus it is possible to store several hardcopies one after another without having to edit the file name each time manually.

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