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November 8th 2019 –

KWS Electronic Test Equipment GmbH celebrates its first birthday this November.

And as befits a birthday, there is every reason to celebrate, because the balance after a year of reorganization under the umbrella of the group around the AND Solution GmbH is consistently positive. The collaboration in development is already bearing its first fruit: the KWS interface to the interactive web application AND WebAccess on mobile devices is emblematic of the successful combination of the competences of both companies. A profitable cooperation that will be underlined by a joint appearance at the ANGA COM from 2020 onwards.

Speaking of cooperation: Since the middle of the year, KWS has a partnership with the proverbially innovative South Korean company Inno Instrument, a manufacturer of high-quality splicing technology and OTDRs. With this strong partner for the little-covered field of fiber optic technology, we can now offer you state-of-the-art solutions in all areas of transmission technology. Characteristic of the products of Inno Instrument are—as with our own—the highest quality demands on the equipment and the service. We stand by with a guarantee of 3 years.

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Decisive course for a sustainable positive development of the KWS are thus set. This is also the opinion of the renowned trade magazine hitec and reports in its current November issue on news from our house (in german).

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And while we are already on the topic of “sustainability”: It is already known that this high value plays a major role in our product strategy—retrofittable devices with a long service life. But environmental protection also plays an important role in the company.

Thus, the new company headquarters in wood frame construction not only allows a noticeably lower energy consumption, but binds even in the building material large amounts of CO2. But even smaller measures such as the change of the electricity provider, the switch to an environmentally friendly shipping service or the preference of public transport for business travel add up to our environment.

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You can also help us get greener by saving paper. In the future, we want to do without printed manuals and offer you these—always up to date—as a download on our website. We would be very happy if we could count on your support. Thank you so much!

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