Project Description

September 11th 2019 –

Update on AMA 310 and VAROS 107

The high-end TV analyzer AMA 310 (and therefore also the AMA 310/UMS and the HE 310) has been equipped with improvements of the DOCSIS 3.1 functionality in a new software release (Version 21i). Furthermore, extensions of the SNMP libraries and in the upstream monitoring system were realized.

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In the TV analyzer/CATV measuring receiver Varos 107, the DOCSIS 3.1 functionalities were enhanced with this software release (Version 12b). In addition to the integration of a detailed logging function, which can output an XML file of the current DOCSIS measurement, as well as comfort functions, which displays a list view of all up- and downstream with associated measured values, technical refinements such as the measurement of OFDMA upstream frequency response with a corresponding TILT function and the display of noise margin implemented for a quick evaluation of signal quality.

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