Project Description

May 27th 2020

Service for Inno Instrument by KWS.

Services now also available for Inno Instrument devices—in usual KWS service quality.

Just under a year ago we added a decisive area to our range: fiber optic technology. Thanks to a partnership with Inno Instrument, a proverbially innovative manufacturer of high-quality splicing technology and OTDRs from South Korea, we can offer you outstanding solutions for all areas of transmission technology.

After appropriate training courses for our specialists and the expansion of our service center, we have now also received our official Inno Instrument service certificate. So you can now count on the proven KWS service quality for Inno Instrument instruments: Simple, reliable and fast.

KWS Electronic News 2020: Certificat Inno Service Center

Not only do we carry out repairs of all kinds, but we also have spare parts such as electrodes or blades available at your disposal. If you wish, we will gladly lend you a device for the duration of the repair, so that you can remain operational at all times. In any case, we will only charge you for one week—although in exceptional cases it may take longer. And if a firmware update for your device is in progress, we will take care of it immediately.

Also think about calibrations: To maintain the precision and efficiency of your splicer, it should be calibrated once a year. With this annual calibration, it will always meet the requirements of “ZTV TK Netze 48”, as required by Telekom. The same applies, of course, to the associated cleavers.

Challenge us—we are happy to be there for you!