Project Description

April 24th 2020 –

Brand new KWS combo measuring device.

KM 06: Compact measuring device for installation and troubleshooting in coaxial distribution systems.

KWS is breaking new ground. And launches a completely new product range for beginners and professionals. It starts with the KM 06—a compact combination antenna meter for SAT, CATV and terrestrial, with which every user can get reliable results quickly and easily.

When new buildings are professionally installed or renovated, the construction of the antenna system is often a fixed part of the electrical installer’s contract. And the specialist is expected to provide a solid signal transmission quality—the basis for years of service and maintenance work. This requires a measuring instrument with an attractive price/performance ratio, which is easy to use and reliable in its accuracy. For this, the KM 06 from KWS is required.

In the designing of the KM 06, various useful operating aids have been incorporated to facilitate the work of users less experienced in antenna technology.

The bright and capacitive 7-inch TFT touch display clearly shows the various measured values/graphics and the TV image and offers a simple and intuitive user interface.

The delivery contents include a protective bag, measuring cable, power supply/charging unit and USB stick. The powerful battery allows an operating time of up to four hours.

More detailed information on the KM 06 can be found here:

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KWS Electronic 4 page product sheet: KM 06
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