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March 4th 2021 –

New: Professional equipment from INNO Instrument—new splicers and more

INNO Instrument, our partner in the field of fiber optics, has not rested on its laurels, but has worked hard on its product range. Just out of development, we can now present the Pro series with four new splicers, a cloud solution and a thermal stripper. Of course, our proven quality standards apply here as well, without any ifs and buts, which we vouch for with a 3-year warranty.

The Pro series is being launched to complement and expand the View series and will be available from the end of March. The slightly less expensive View series will be available in parallel until the end of the year, but will of course also be supported in the future and calibrated, maintained or repaired by KWS if required.

In order to be allowed to work in Deutsche Telekom networks, the splicing devices used must meet the requirements of ZTV-TK Netze 48. Like the core-centering devices of the View series, the View 5 Pro and View 8 Pro fully master these requirements and can therefore be used without hesitation for work in all networks and areas.

KWS Electronic News 2021: View 3 Pro front view

Like its little brother View 3, the View 3 Pro is a clad alignment splicer (active V-Groove).

On the 5″ color LCD touch screen, zooming in and out works with a simple double tap and you get the highest magnification and best resolution on the market.

A removable SOC holder and heating oven, 3 bright LEDs for dark environment, and a ceramic clamp for better durability are of course also on board. As well as adequate protection against water, shock and dust.

As with all Pro Series devices, the differences from the View Series lie in small but important subtleties that have been improved thanks to user feedback. Each splicer comes with the top-of-the-line cleaver: the new V11. In addition, the ergonomics of the case have been greatly improved. These two steps alone greatly increase functionality.

But the real highlight on the View 3 Pro is the connection to the free cloud-based View Pro Management System, which enables a whole new level of remote management.

The highlights:

The real-time tracking function shows where the splicer is currently located—forgetfulness and theft are finally a thing of the past. And pop-up messages quickly inform about the device status.

Thanks to the device management, you always have an eye on electrode warnings or a calibration to be performed. And software updates can even be imported from the cloud.

All reports and data are exchanged online, so they are immediately available—even if the device remains at a remote construction site. A physical readout via USB is always possible as an option.

Work/job management automatically archives the work progress of each individual device. Workforce planning has never been simpler and efficiency gains more immediate.

KWS Electronic News 2021: View Pro management System

All functions are controlled or accessible from the dashboard of the PC connected to the INNO iCloud server. The splicers, in turn, communicate with the server via cellular 4G and WLAN. All you need is a low-cost IoT SIM card to put your device on the web. This means that all information is available as quickly as possible and always up to date.

The same system also applies to three other splicing devices of the INNO Instrument range: “Pro” stands for further detailed development and connection to the View Pro Management System in the cloud.

The View 5 Pro is a 3-axis splicer with core centering (DACAS), the new standard in the telecommunications industry.

The View 8 Pro takes it to the next level with its motorized alignment and extreme speed (6 seconds splicing and 9 seconds of heating).

The View 12R Pro is the top of the line flat fiber cable splicer thanks to its fully motorized alignment system and high capacity battery.

KWS Electronic News 2021: View 5 Pro, View 8 Pro and View 12R Pro

The new range is completed by the TS-Pro thermal stripper. The special stripper for fiber ribbons and flat ribbon cables scores points in every respect:

The robust and ergonomic housing fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to operate. The stripper reaches its operating temperature after only 4 seconds, and switches to energy-saving mode after 5 seconds—thus ensuring a capacity of approx. 500 stripping operations in shifts thanks to its powerful 880 mAh battery. There are 8 temperature levels to choose from.

KWS Electronic News 2021: The new TS-Pro thermal stripper

The TS-Pro is not only rugged, but also waterproof. Ideal for any working environment, no matter how challenging. Up to 16 fibers from 200 to 400 μm can be stripped easily and precisely up to a length of 30 mm. Thanks to the newly developed blade, errors are virtually eliminated.

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