Project Description

Dezember 21st 2021 –

New organization in KWS’ sales in the Eastern states of Germany

At the turn of the year 2021 to 2022, KWS is facing personnel changes in its customer service in the new German states. Our long-standing representative Lutz Wolf from Berlin (Industrievertretung Lutz Wolf) is retiring and will hand over his KWS representation at the end of 2021.

Lutz Wolf worked continuously for KWS for almost 20 years and went through all the ups and downs with us. A salesman through and through, to whom KWS owes a great deal.

KWS Electronic News 2021: Long-standing representative Lutz Wolf from Berlin

The entire KWS team would like to thank “Lutze” very much for this! We wish him all the best, especially good health, and much joy with his newfound freedom. We are sure that his two little grandchildren will see grandpa more often now.

The care of the area will be taken over by Harry Walther from January 1st 2022. Harry is an experienced and accomplished technician who works in the field for our partner ASTRO Strobel Kommunikationssysteme and will in future look after the concerns of our customers in the new German states together with the KWS sales team.

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