Project Description

December 12th 2017 –

New option FTP for AMA 310, AMA 310/UMS and HE 310.

Provided, that the latest device firmware and the latest MIB are used, the FTP software option can now be purchased. FTP stands for »File Transfer Protocol«. This makes it possible to upload or download files to or from a 310 device.

The device is configured via SNMP, but the actual file transfer is via FTP. This results in new, very interesting features that are particularly important when using the devices in the headend.

Currently the following new things can be done via FTP over the internet:

  • Upload and download tuning memory files (.mem files)

  • Upload and download user-defined channel tables (.cha files)

  • Download DataLogger result files (.xml files)

  • Download screenshots (.bmp files)

  • Upload firmware updates remotely and initiate the update process (.bin files)

Please contact us for a price information via