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March 24th 2014 –

As of April 15th 2014: new contact persons for service and sales

As of April 15th 2014 Mr. Lois Röhrl will be leaving us for a new field of work. We would hereby like to thank him for the many years of cooperation and wish him all the best for his future career.

Accordingly at this time your KWS contact persons will change in the following areas:

Responsible of offers for new instruments AMA and VAROS as well as general sales organization is Kathrin Dirscherl – Frau Kathrin Dirscherl

Contact for questions concerning using our instruments as well as offers or estimates for repairs or updates are our well known in-house technicians – KWS Electronic Service

Obviously you will find all of our contact staff according to their fields in our contact data base. In case of any questions please contact Sandy Pohl in our reception she will help you further.

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