Project Description

June 3rd 2019 –

New device structure VAROS

We have recently changed the product names of our VAROS series. Previously known as Alpha and Beta, the new terms make the technical alignment of the devices clearer:

VAROS 106–Combo measuring receiver
VAROS 107–CATV measuring receiver
VAROS 109–Satellite meter

such as

VAROS 106 Optic–Combo measuring receiver with optical receiver
VAROS 107 Optic–CATV measuring receiver with optical receiver
VAROS 109 Optic–Satellite meter with optical receiver.

The new packages and their equipment details can be viewed on the homepage at the device overview and are now available.

We are happy to help you personally or on the phone.

VAROS 106/106 Optic
VAROS 107/107 Optic
VAROS 109/109 Optic