Project Description

June 3rd 2019 –

New device structure AMA

At the same time as the names of the VAROS devices were changed, the AMA 310 was also revised.
It has offered to take into account a significant and characteristic feature of AMA technology: modularity. This makes it possible to configure the meter according to its defined tasks. But also to retrofit it with changing requirements at any time cost-effectively and simply.

Therefore, in addition to the designations, the packages and options have been restructured:

The AMA 310 is now available in the “AMA 310 Basis” package. This makes it easy to solve the basic measurement tasks in the TV area.
Based on this, the following options can also be ordered:

– DVB-S S2
– DVB- /T2 and DAB/DAB +
– DOCSIS 3.0
– Optics
– Scope S/N
– Printer.

All of these options are offered as “AMA 310 Complete D3.0”, which masters all measuring tasks confidently.
To this package can be ordered additionally:

– DOCSIS 3.1 modem
– DOCSIS 3.1 Downstream Analyzer.

The new packages and their equipment details can be viewed on the homepage at the device overview and are now available.

Of course, we are also happy to assist you personally or by phone.

AMA 310 Basic/Complete D3.0